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marriage // year eleven

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Marriage is an incredible thing, the amount of courage, vulnerability and trust that you have to have with another person is a tremendous feat. The ins and outs of the daily routine can cause    romance to walk right out the room but the spontaneity it creates can be both thrilling and reassuring that love will somehow last. Last through the sleepless nights of a teething baby, through the reminders every Thursday evening that its trash night, through the mind numbing trance of watching The Bachelor, through the grocery shopping, the dishes, the everything, Dave is the one person I can see doing all these things with. It may not always not be as glamourous or extravagant as I had envisioned love in my early 20’s and its but its solid, through and through, tried and true and so much better than any fairytale that I had created. This is going to last- long after my hair has silvered, long after our girls have grown up, long after our memories start to fade, this is the person I was destined to be with, to share my life with through the mundane, the beauty and the ugly. We have learned the ins and out of what our marriage needs to stay healthy and in time that will again change but for now the sweetness of its love it right where I want to be.

This weekend Dave and I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary together with our girls and good friends (Superbowl is happening too), after last year’s renewals and Anaïs’ arrival, we are keeping things pretty low key around here. On Sunday a good friend will be hanging with the girls so I can make Dave’s wish to eat at a local breakfast place come true, we used go there all the time before we had kids, it has the best egg benny, endless cups of dark roast coffee, is small and quaint and kid unfriendly. Afterwards  all of us will heading to  Ba Bar  because all I want to do is eat a cronut in every flavor, our dreams are simple but so attainable.

I so love you, David Kim and am so thankful for your patience, understanding and never ending quest to make sure my dreams come true. xo



merry christmas // a gift for you


 (image via pinterest)

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful entrance into 2014! I have a little gift for all of my readers as we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome the world of possiblities in the New Year. After being gifted a similar workbook and having read several books this year, I have been inspired to write a workbook of my own to help release the old and invite the new through setting some goals and intentions.  Please download a free copy of The Workbook 2014 and fill out the pages that speak to you and feel free to pay it forward to anyone. I hope it gives you some sort of insight to what you envision for yourself as we move onto another year.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, may it be filled with light and surround you in love. I will be taking some time off from blogging to spend time with my family and some very special friends but I will return in the new year with a bit of a new look and a new portrait project. Till then! xo



list // no. 13

list 13Having a relaxing homeschooling day, lounging about the house, reading books and writing in bed. We are resting after a busy weekend, Lucy volunteered for her first time on her own, working a shift a Urban Craft Uprising. She was in charge of passing out raffle tickets, she did amazing and was able to do it all on her own. We couldn’t be prouder. I also wanted to share a photo of what I see every night while putting the baby to sleep, its the beauty of Lucy reading for her last minutes of the night. She is reading through books like crazy, its such a delight to hear her share the excitement of what is happening in her books, currently she is going through all the Beverly Cleary books she can get her hands on!

A few more specials from the week:
-our annual Santa visit
-feeling fortunate
-signing up for a year long course in the healing arts
-excited to plan our holiday meal
-enjoying all the holiday festivities and traditions

I’d love to hear some of your favorite holiday traditions and recipes! Do share.


lovely things // no. 12


My sister in law started this lovely tradition of running a 5k on Thanksgiving for herself years ago, this year we were able to join her along with my other sister in law and her husband. Although we weren’t in it to win it and our group was divided between the runners and walkers, it was a delightful way to start the day and much easier to justify that extra slice of pie! It was a beautiful foggy morning, the sun was shining and the looks across everyone’s faces in the end said it all, we were happy and together as family. Even posting the few images bring a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart. The Turkey Trot is definitely a tradition we are gonna keep.

A few more lovelies:

-the baby is back to long sleeping stretches (for now)
-I am amazed by the workings of a 7yro brain, which is also teaching me patience
-I am excited and proud about a project I’ve been working on as a gift to family, friends and readers.
-cold crisp mornings spent by the fire
-knitted sweater no.1 down, no.2 on the needles
-the excitement of Christmas in the air


lovely list / no. 11

warm eucalyptus rub / workhouseblog
The lovely list today is two fold; part gratitude, part recipe…and then thankfulness for said recipe, so it all comes full circle, or could just be the head cold, teething baby woes, lack of sleep talking. This past week has completely depleted my energy reserves, the stuff that keeps everything together even when things are difficult- mine are shot! We all have been fighting this cold and the baby is teething, fussy, unhappy, not sleeping which make my days feel like 72hrs instead of 24. My days and nights feel the same, everything is a blur and I am not able to get away to give myself time to restore and rejuvenate my reserves. I am finding myself snappy, telling everyone in my home how hard mothering is and feeling like I am scrambling to find 10 minutes for myself, somewhere, anywhere. That all being said, I know this is something that will pass but while you’re in it, its sometimes hard to see the end or even think that other people (that would be people who are not moms) get what this is like. It can quickly spiral inward into a world of self pity and the overwhelmed.  I know sleep can quickly change this all, so would a good date night or an evening with girlfriends who make your life feel like you’re in Sex in the City. So the mix of not feeling well, wanting my life back, fussy teething baby and lack of sleep has brought me the kitchen to make something that will bring relief, comfort to us all and is a quick home remedy. I suppose a glass of whiskey would offer some of the same benefits, for myself.


5 tbsp. extra virgin coconut oil (a natural anti-viral)

1 tbsp.  sweet almond or olive oil

2 tbsp. beeswax (chopped or grated)

8 – 10 drops eucalyptus

15 – 20 drops rosemary oil (I infuse my own by taking a few sprigs and frying them in olive oil, you know its done when the leaves have turned brown but are not burnt)

In a small pan, melt the coconut and olive oil.  Add the beeswax, stir until melted.  Add the essential oils and stir to combine. Pour into glass jar and allow to cool.

I sometimes I also add tea tree, lemon, peppermint or clove oil (no more than 2 drops) to the recipe above.

|*Please note: Do not add peppermint oil if this is going to be used on babies or small children*|

I apply it to our chests and slather it on our feet, cover with socks and enjoy the benefits of cough relief.

Here’s to sniffle free days, sad baby woes be gone and to mom getting some much needed time to herself without having to answer a single question, pick up a thing and having her body all to her own for a bit. Be well and stay healthy.


lovely list

lovely list / workhouseblog
/ The lovely list is a simple collection of things that I am thankful for from the past week. Its a lovely way to start the new week off with a sense of gratitude and appreciation of things big and small and random./

I am sitting here on this lovely Autumn day watching the leaves gracefully float from the tree to the ground, listening to the sounds of both of my children’s faint sleepy breathing and feeling content in the moment (and beyond thankful that both girls are sleeping at the same time). I am almost finished with my first lacework project in knitting, much easier than one would first think. Tonight I am trying a new recipe that sounds both delightfully intriguing and weird. These two simple things give me both a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in this time in my life. I need to keep my goals reasonable these days, educating a child while tending to another’s every want and need is enough to fill my day. Finishing a project that’s just mine, keeps my creative spirit going and give me the power to say that I finished something, when there is other stuff left unfinished…like the folded laundry waiting in the basket to be put away. It will happen, perhaps not today but that won’t make any significant changes here or there, I can let it go. Cooking gives me a sense of adventure, something that doesn’t take too much effort or makes me buckle two kids in and out and in and out of the car several times, its a little thing that gives me comfort and creativity all at once. And if all goes well and delicious meal to eat, everyone is happy with that.

a few other favorite moments:
-annual family pumpkin carving with homemade pumpkin muffins (and soup)
-a 4 day weekend for dave
-taking friends to korean bbq for the first time
-dad and lucy went to the movies and had the whole theatre to themselves
-organizing my office space, new shelves and all


list // 10

lovely things / workhouseblog
Leaning into the fact that this blog is not tied to schedules, deadlines or a lists of needs and wants. Its life happens when my life allows it. I am learning that things don’t have to be perfected or set in stone, life happens organically and the nature in which it changes and grows is where the beauty lies. So while I continue to share on the blog please be patient with it as its life may pause for long moments or may resemble the mind of an excited child wanting to share in every detail of their favorite part of a movie.

A few favorite moments from the week:
-evening bike rides/walks with just Lucy after dinner
-family game night, this game is so beautifully designed
-a bring whatever you have around the kitchen dinner with family
-a cold cold glass of my favorite chocolate milk from a local farm
-researching a new career
-the loveliness of a hand dyed hank of yarn


lovely things // 09

smoky-quartz/ carly waito
smokey quartz by carly waito

/ The lovely list is a simple collection of things that I am thankful for from the past week. Its a lovely way to start the new week off with a sense of gratitude and appreciation of things big and small and random./

There is transition in the air, many around me are feeling these gusts of change and so am I. Lately I have been urning to just sit with the transformation I feel that is whirling around me, to listen to what its telling me, to sit with it and to prepare myself for the action that will be required to make these changes. I have been trying to find the stillness around me, although life sometimes doesn’t like to accommodate such things, I am trying to give myself this gift rather than waiting for things to perfectly align. Throughout the day I am acknowledging little moments when the quite finds me, there is a pot of warm tea on the stove at all times so that I can relax in these brief breaks. It may only last for a cup of tea, several rows of knitting or as long as several chapters in a book. These small pockets give me time to reflect on the change that is about to come, they allow me to let go of the old and to resonate in the new.

Let the autumn colors around you remind you of changes that need to be done. It could be as simple as reorganizing something, reading that book you’ve had forever or purging old patterns that no longer serve you.

A couple other special moment from the week:

-watching Lucy and her cousins be brave enough to ride their bikes down a hill
-spending Saturday with a family that we love
-homemade Phó
-acknowledging my strengths and feeling worthy of them
-a really really clean house
-skyping with a close friend I truly care for


weekend // the niece

This girl. I have witnessed what once was a sweet serious little toddler girl turn into an intelligent, outspoken, strong, lovely woman. Today my niece turns 18! I was there the day after she was born, a day it actually snowed in the desert, and she had the most hair I have ever seen on a newborn. She was the first fresh baby I had ever met in my life up until then and that meeting will forever be a heart filling moment I will never forget. I was honored to be there that day and I am honored to celebrate with her and our family on the day she enters into womanhood. We have shared joys, sorrows, spats, crazy nonsensical fits of laughter, late night talks and a million inside jokes. I love this being more than words could ever say; because of her I have learned how to be a mother to daughters, because of her I have learned that I am not fully prepared for female teenagedom and there are some personal things I need to work on, because of her I know the sheer power of a strong, determined person. This girl can kill a stack of books like no one’s business, can laugh at herself and is an amazing cousin to my girls. She possesses integrity and holds fast to her standards. She is one to pave a path of her own and definitely marches to the beat of her own heart. We feel so lucky to be experiencing this life with her and to see and hear the world through her. She is a creative being ready to take on the world and we have no doubt she will achieve even the grandest of dreams and may even possibly change the world.

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren! We love you 7 times around the Sun and more. We cannot wait to celebrate you and all the possibilities that are about to be born! You are amazing and we’re happy to see where this life takes you! xoxo.