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collection no. 3 // first birthday

first birthday | workhouse

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Thankful this week to be preparing for Anaïs’ first birthday, my gratitude list will also coincide with this collection of goods. We try our best to stick with ‘something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need’ when it comes to buying gifts- I always like to add a little handmade something too. And being that it is her first birthday it is tradition that she is gifted a jade bracelet (the link is a shop selling very similar bangles to ours). I want to make note of our ‘something to read’, Micheal Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, an absolute gem! His chocolate cake video is one of our faves!!

Grateful for:
-my little brother meeting his niece for the first time this week
-grandparents who love love babies staying with us
-a big Filipino celebration
-beautiful weather
-the means of not having to go without
-celebrating surviving the first year as a mother of two
-filling our home with traditions, blessings and love
-feeling blessed that we have two special young ladies to share this life with

Do you have any favorite birthday rituals? I would love to hear what some of your favorite traditions are, birthdays are my favorite celebration!


collection // the cronut

cronut | workhouseblogMy dream of eating a cronut came true this past Sunday, there are a few bakeries spanned across several different counties here in Washington that make them and rumor has it a place up north serves up the best. We opted for staying within city limits and headed to Ba Bar (which comes in at a close second and also has some really tasty congee too) We tried all 3 flavors of ‘double happiness’ they offer (the ‘cronut’ is now a trademarked Dominique Ansel name). It’s worth the hype and 30 seconds after our purchase was made a lady walked in and bought the remaining 3-4 dozen, all at 7:30 on a Sunday morning. Yup.


merry christmas // a gift for you


 (image via pinterest)

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful entrance into 2014! I have a little gift for all of my readers as we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome the world of possiblities in the New Year. After being gifted a similar workbook and having read several books this year, I have been inspired to write a workbook of my own to help release the old and invite the new through setting some goals and intentions.  Please download a free copy of The Workbook 2014 and fill out the pages that speak to you and feel free to pay it forward to anyone. I hope it gives you some sort of insight to what you envision for yourself as we move onto another year.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, may it be filled with light and surround you in love. I will be taking some time off from blogging to spend time with my family and some very special friends but I will return in the new year with a bit of a new look and a new portrait project. Till then! xo



lately /// 01

lately | workhouseblog


LOOKING at steve back‘s beautiful imagery of hutt lagoon in western australia. the colours are naturally occuring algae that have been concentrated into manmade lagoons to be farmed for food colouring.

DREAMING about a late summer trip to manzanita, oregon. the oregon coast seems to bring us a sense of peace and a place to rejuvenate, we always seem to fall in love with each other again there.

READING on how i can learn to be more mindful and remain in the present. the complete buddism for mothers is not a ‘how to parent’ book but a guide for moms on how to not take mothering so personal.

LOVING living in the back yard during these beautiful summer days. we are getting quite spoiled here in the pnw and we are taking full advantage by having as many meals, adventures and the occasional nap out back.

what’s been occupying you lately?



inspiration /// boredom list

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summertime is here and its also time for the the  “i’m bored” to set in. so in hopes of squashing the repeated phrase we made of list of things to do, starting with BORED and then going from there. some are things lucy can do on her own (she’s 7), some for us to do together and some as a family. we have also signed her up for  drama camp for the next 2 weeks, that’ll give her some time away from me and the baby, a break she surely deserves.

have any tips on the summer boredom blues? my 17yro niece recommended this science channel.