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after reading this inspiring post, i have decieded to post a photo of myself, which i hardly do, especially these day. but now that the morning sickness is easing up and after i bought myself a curling wand so i can feel extra fancy while hanging out and after asking lucy if she thinks i think i am beautiful and her response was, ‘no’; i feel ever more so inclined to claim my beauty back. as a woman it is so easy for me to see the beauty in everyone one but myself, especially after numerous days in the same yoga pants but after reading this, i feel inspired to pamper myself a bit more so that when i look in the mirror i am not instantly self judging but self loving, hopefully changing lucy’s initial thoughts.


rainbow love

as a mother’s day gift dave is sending me with my best friend to palm springs for an awesome mischief inducing adventure, or a lay by the pool reading trashy magazines drink cocktails kind of adventure, or maybe a bit of both! we are staying at the saguaro, which as know as the rainbow hotel, a much needed change from all the seattle wet + grey. i can’t wait! i may need to get a few accessories for the trip, like a giant hat or something!?


tiny houses

(image source: tiny house blog)

where we live has been on the forefront of our minds quite a lot lately. we are in a situation that has us contemplating: moving, necessity and togetherness. i hope that in the next few weeks i am able to share our story with you but for now i will leave you with some sweet tiny homes. we don’t need much, we want to live in a community and with freedom, we want to be by family and dear friends who love us. a tiny house is really all we need when the world is at our front door.