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marriage // year eleven

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Marriage is an incredible thing, the amount of courage, vulnerability and trust that you have to have with another person is a tremendous feat. The ins and outs of the daily routine can cause    romance to walk right out the room but the spontaneity it creates can be both thrilling and reassuring that love will somehow last. Last through the sleepless nights of a teething baby, through the reminders every Thursday evening that its trash night, through the mind numbing trance of watching The Bachelor, through the grocery shopping, the dishes, the everything, Dave is the one person I can see doing all these things with. It may not always not be as glamourous or extravagant as I had envisioned love in my early 20’s and its but its solid, through and through, tried and true and so much better than any fairytale that I had created. This is going to last- long after my hair has silvered, long after our girls have grown up, long after our memories start to fade, this is the person I was destined to be with, to share my life with through the mundane, the beauty and the ugly. We have learned the ins and out of what our marriage needs to stay healthy and in time that will again change but for now the sweetness of its love it right where I want to be.

This weekend Dave and I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary together with our girls and good friends (Superbowl is happening too), after last year’s renewals and Anaïs’ arrival, we are keeping things pretty low key around here. On Sunday a good friend will be hanging with the girls so I can make Dave’s wish to eat at a local breakfast place come true, we used go there all the time before we had kids, it has the best egg benny, endless cups of dark roast coffee, is small and quaint and kid unfriendly. Afterwards  all of us will heading to  Ba Bar  because all I want to do is eat a cronut in every flavor, our dreams are simple but so attainable.

I so love you, David Kim and am so thankful for your patience, understanding and never ending quest to make sure my dreams come true. xo



weekend // the niece

This girl. I have witnessed what once was a sweet serious little toddler girl turn into an intelligent, outspoken, strong, lovely woman. Today my niece turns 18! I was there the day after she was born, a day it actually snowed in the desert, and she had the most hair I have ever seen on a newborn. She was the first fresh baby I had ever met in my life up until then and that meeting will forever be a heart filling moment I will never forget. I was honored to be there that day and I am honored to celebrate with her and our family on the day she enters into womanhood. We have shared joys, sorrows, spats, crazy nonsensical fits of laughter, late night talks and a million inside jokes. I love this being more than words could ever say; because of her I have learned how to be a mother to daughters, because of her I have learned that I am not fully prepared for female teenagedom and there are some personal things I need to work on, because of her I know the sheer power of a strong, determined person. This girl can kill a stack of books like no one’s business, can laugh at herself and is an amazing cousin to my girls. She possesses integrity and holds fast to her standards. She is one to pave a path of her own and definitely marches to the beat of her own heart. We feel so lucky to be experiencing this life with her and to see and hear the world through her. She is a creative being ready to take on the world and we have no doubt she will achieve even the grandest of dreams and may even possibly change the world.

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren! We love you 7 times around the Sun and more. We cannot wait to celebrate you and all the possibilities that are about to be born! You are amazing and we’re happy to see where this life takes you! xoxo.


chronicles // birthday-ing

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Coming down from an incredible high after spending some much needed family time in the wilderness. We spent our days exploring the island, hiking, eating, taking midnight walks through the woods, playing in the phosphorescent waters, reading books late into the night with headlamps and eating midnite snacks in bed. Doe Bay is an absolute treasure and we have since decided to make this an annual trip as its the perfect way to end the summer. There is something enchanting about sleeping in a yurt with the waves slowly splashing against the cove, it seemed to have cast a spell on us, allowing us to let go and just melt into the whole experience. Lucy, by far, loved loved loved the spa. She was able to spend hours soaking and steaming, she is a girl after my own heart, those that came in contact with her were amazed by her free spirit and her ability to be that still for that long. The baby seemed captivated by being in the woods, feeling the mist on her face and pleasantly surprised by pebble beach beneath her feet. Being outdoors by water with each other takes our stress levels down several notches and gives us back the harmony that everyday life makes you scramble for some times. We feel extremely lucky to  live in such a beautiful place and to have it all at the (almost) foot of our door.

Happy Friday!


weekending // doe bay


The birthday-ing continues. Dave’s birthday is Sunday and as a joint gift we are headed off to Doe Bay  with the family to stay in a yurt. We will spend the weekend at the local farmers’ market, exploring Orcas and hopefully showing Lucy the magic of the bioluminescent waters that happens on the island. The glowing waters are something that Dave and I have both witnessed and we are looking forward to sharing it with Lucy. We will be taking a long weekend so I’ll see you when we get back Wednesday…the first day of school.

weekend // my birthday

f. scott fitzgerald

Happy weekend, friends! Fall is here and it has made itself known this week, the crisp air, the leaves are changing into fiery reds, golden yellows and vibrant oranges, stormy nites and vibrant skies. It is also my birthday this weekend. With the season change I am feeling a bit more reflective; fall is when the old is shed, things begin to hibernate and allowed a break from life. This year I am noticing my need for the same, when I was younger a party was a great way to celebrate the a new year but as I age I l find comfort in the simple and in things with meaning. I usually do a little meditation at midnight on my birthday to release the past and set an intention for the new, it has served me well. But as I write my family is still waiting to see what I’d like to do for the day: go to the state fair, a day hike, a day at the beach, a special dinner..but I have yet to decide. I might play the whole thing by ear which is totally unlike my virgo nature. Enjoy your weekend, I do know that there is a delicious raw cheesecake in my near future!


happy weekend // connection

morning | workhouseblogI am starting to pick up my camera more and more these days, it’s nice to feel connected to it again. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are able to connect with some thing that has meaning to you, even if it is just for a moment. I will be back Monday with a few new series and hopefully feeling fresh and renewed, this week has been busy.


inspiration /// boredom list

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summertime is here and its also time for the the  “i’m bored” to set in. so in hopes of squashing the repeated phrase we made of list of things to do, starting with BORED and then going from there. some are things lucy can do on her own (she’s 7), some for us to do together and some as a family. we have also signed her up for  drama camp for the next 2 weeks, that’ll give her some time away from me and the baby, a break she surely deserves.

have any tips on the summer boredom blues? my 17yro niece recommended this science channel.


anais /// month two

month two. we have now all eased into our new normal, our schedules have adjusted to this new little human and we are getting accustom to her various cries, her coos and need for sleep. by far she is an easy going being. she wakes up smiling and chatty, instantly looking for her mom to unswaddle her so she can stretch out her chubby little body, she falls asleep quickly and nurses like a champ. she is easy to soothe and comfort and likes her space to just observe and take everything in. she has two big dimples on either cheek. she has discovered clicking her tongue and gives us a giggle or two if we work really hard at it. we are happy to see her personality unfold before us and marvel in how aware she already is. and of course she is enjoying the company and ever love of her big sister.