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knit // birthday faerie

ilona blythe | workhouseblogilona blythe | workhouseblogilona blythe | workhouseblogMeet Ilona Blythe, builder of faerie houses and a jill of all trades. She is warm hearted, soft spoken and loves to hear stories about pirate adventures and mythical creatures. She surrounds herself with the most imaginative 8 year old and they have already gone on some pretty daring adventures. We are all quite fond of her and are happy to have her befriend our favorite faerie expert.

I stumbled upon this beautiful modification of the eco fairy pattern and knew I had to give it a try. It was a quicker knit than I first anticipated and was delightful to make, there is a lot of love and intention hiding inside this little faerie! Her dress is purposefully imperfect as it’s Ilona’s favorite and has been mended many times by her mother. She managed to find a spare button lying around our house and fashioned a hair clip out of it. She has both a linen apron and a tool belt and soft leather boots. She is now residing with us, telling us the ways of faeries and is getting a lot of love and attention.

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workhouseblogOur Miss Beans turns eight on Saturday. There was no lesson in life that would have prepared me for the teacher that is this child. Her gentle spirit and knowledge beyond her years are a gift given to me every single day. She feels the world, has empathy for others and can carry a conversation with rational reasoning. She is sweet and her feet are grounded in the earth like a wise old tree. She is an adventurer, a nurturer, a leader when needed and a follower when it suits the situation. Miss Beans has forever changed who I am as a person and how I moved about this earth. Her smiling eyes are what fill my heart and her passion for experiencing life is what fills my soul.

So come tonight, her and her BFF will enjoying what has been months in planning via snail mail; the perfect meal, dessert, movie, sleepover and activities to do on her birthday. We are overjoyed to be celebrating yet another turn around the sun with her because she is truly a light. We love love love you Sweet Bean! xo

Lucy’s likes:
-reading (e v e r y t h i n g)
-grilled pb+j with marshmallow fluff
-listening to our personal stories
-knowing what our favorite and least favorite things are
-playing with her dad
-being in the woods

Lucy’s dislikes
-sleeping in
-things that are too sweet
-hot feet
-being too busy


50 / 50 project

map 11:14
(map source)

Hello Friends! Thanks to everyone for their continued support on this memorable project. Lucy is making friends across the country, finding out that we are all more connected to each other than one would first think. This is currently what our map looks like. We are still looking for connections in: Kansas, Delaware, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Vermont and Georgia. All other states are in the works but could thing could change at any moment. Lucy is learning all sorts of life lessons through this project including one of being stood up, but she easily brushes it off and then we are out to look for another lead. So if you or someone you know who might be willing to help out in any of the unmarked states, please contact us via the contact link above or in the comments below.

We are gathering all of our info, stories and facts in one place and looking forward to sharing the final project with everyone!


miss beans // project of all second grade projects

map1104 (map via mr. printables)

::UPDATE:: (Nov 7th) We are SO close, most States are in the works but we have yet to find people for: Kansas, Delaware, Wisconsin, Georgia and So. Carolina. THANKS for everyone’s  response and enthusiasm on this project, we appreciate all your reposting, comments and connections. ::

Lucy is working on  a rather ambitious project, we are finishing up our lesson on The States and Capitols and thought it would be awesome to meet a person from ALL 50 states! This was the first we started on ‘meeting’ our way through the country and learning about each state from a personal perspective, other than from books or sites. She already has learned so many interesting facts, heard some hilarious personal stories and listened to peoples’ family history and connection to each state. AND has met some really amazing people!! I can see that there is an excitement and a newfound love of where she lives and this will be a project she will remember forever. She is really excited about this adventure, although it sometimes doesn’t translate well via video chat- she is also learning how to break the ice quickly with these new acquaintances.

As you can see we are making our mark on the map. I was hoping with a little help from you and the power of the internet, we can make this come true. The star-less states are where we need kind folks for 10 minutes of their time via video chat with Lucy to answer some simple questions about their state. If you or anyone you know might be willing to help this come into fruition please contact me at: deshaigh{at}gmail{dot}com for more info and please feel free to share this!

If all things go well, this is what our map will look like after the weekend! I will keep this map up to date as things change and can’t wait to share the final results with everyone!




happy weekend // connection

morning | workhouseblogI am starting to pick up my camera more and more these days, it’s nice to feel connected to it again. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are able to connect with some thing that has meaning to you, even if it is just for a moment. I will be back Monday with a few new series and hopefully feeling fresh and renewed, this week has been busy.


miss beans /// drama camp

IMG_0994 IMG_1034 IMG_1037

it really doesn’t get much better than this. lucy was in her first real production. the camp was everyday for 2 weeks and on the last day they performed a short play, ‘snow drop’, in a real theatre, on a real stage, with costumes, lighting and all! lucy had to audition and was selected for two roles: the huntsman and dwarf #1. she had a blast and has a newfound love for acting!