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not everyone is a baby fan

birthday card | workhouseblogWhen we moved this last time we chose a place that we would be closer to family so that the girls would get to spend lots of time around their cousins. Turns out one of them isn’t a baby fan, she’s a bit too unpredictable for his liking. Luckily, we all found this heartwarming and hilarious.


one year // anaïs

oneOh my, how this girl has changed all our lives! Her surge into this world was surely forthcoming of our first year together as a family of four. Anaïs is a force, her determination is fierce, her voice-strong and her sense of humor is something I didn’t know babies were made of. She has made a baby fan out of me and parts of me will truly miss this stage but the other parts of me are happy to welcome the more independent stages to come. Being a mother of two is no easy feat and the fact that we have all made it through happy, sane and more in love than we were as three is a giant accomplishment in my book.

Today we celebrate this sweet soul who was so wanted and waited patiently to make her way into our family. Anaïs has showed us the beauty in sisterhood and the power of that bond. She has brought us a side of Lucy that we never saw before. She has given us the spark that our family lacked before her, she is on fire and has the capacity to make things happen. She loves music and sings or (tries) whistle nearly every day, she is easy to smile and laugh. There is a joy and light inside of her that you can see in her eyes. She is a risk taker and isn’t afraid of adventure. Anaïs is slow to welcome people but when she does she picks the solid folks. She has a great palate for food, although bananas should only be eating when smashed or in smoothies. Her favorite word is “Hi” and “Dad” is a very close 2nd; every morning she wakes up and wants to call him first thing.  She has pushed me in ways I didn’t see coming and for that I am better- more patient,  calmer and more fluid, not to mention I now have deeper empathy for parents with screaming babies. She surprises us everyday and teases us with the promise of kisses only to turn her head away in laughter. Today celebrate our family- complete, whole and full of life. Because of this little bird we are all better people with a greater understanding for the desire to be heard, understood and that one’s needs are just as important as another’s even if they take you a while to figure out.

Happy First Birthday, Birdie! We love you past the stars and back. May our lives continue on the path of love, gratitude and light.  xo


collection no. 3 // first birthday

first birthday | workhouse

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Thankful this week to be preparing for Anaïs’ first birthday, my gratitude list will also coincide with this collection of goods. We try our best to stick with ‘something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need’ when it comes to buying gifts- I always like to add a little handmade something too. And being that it is her first birthday it is tradition that she is gifted a jade bracelet (the link is a shop selling very similar bangles to ours). I want to make note of our ‘something to read’, Micheal Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, an absolute gem! His chocolate cake video is one of our faves!!

Grateful for:
-my little brother meeting his niece for the first time this week
-grandparents who love love babies staying with us
-a big Filipino celebration
-beautiful weather
-the means of not having to go without
-celebrating surviving the first year as a mother of two
-filling our home with traditions, blessings and love
-feeling blessed that we have two special young ladies to share this life with

Do you have any favorite birthday rituals? I would love to hear what some of your favorite traditions are, birthdays are my favorite celebration!


anaïs // month eleven

birdie 11 months | workhouseblogDelightfully humorous to balance out her strong willed nature which she is quite vocal about, this little one is eleven months! It is true that it all flies by the second time around, every phase is shorter, every milestone is here and gone before we know it.  Anaïs is every bit of fire that we were lacking in our family. She speaks her mind and is not afraid of taking risks or tasting every bit of the world. She is strong, both in and out. She loves her father, her sister makes her the happiest and laughs the hardest. As for me, she adores me and finds my being a place a of calming comfort. She loves to eat but must feed herself. She loves loves music both listening to and making. She is on the verge of walking, giving us little teasers by taking a step and then falling on her bum. We are so excited to see her personality evolve and for her to show us who she is, especially when her words start to come out.

Sweet Bird, we love you so much and are blessed to have your wildness fill our home and hearts. You are teaching us that life is something to behold and take charge of, fearlessly.


anaïs / month seven

anaïs / 7 monthsThe beauty of this child’s happiness surpasses all the hardships of being a middle aged mom homeschooling an older child. Anaïs is observant, careful with whom she choses to go to and will eat anything we put in front of her. Her breath still smells of milky sweetness and softness of those cheeks against your own are what life’s about. She is now saying, ‘momma, mom, momma”, over and over again, working on her evolving crawl and is trying to figure out the workings of her intriguing older sister. She is delighted by the sound of the keys in the door when dad comes home from work and can’t wait to be held by him. Her perfect day would be to nurse all day and be worn by mom, simple as that. We are thrilled to show her the wonders of the holidays and to introduce her to our beloved traditions.


anaïs // five months

birdie IMG_0606-9IMG_0616-18 IMG_0617-19 IMG_0624-23Dear Sweet Anaïs,

You are filling our home with all sorts of baby goodness. I am usually more of a toddler fan but you my dear, have made a baby believer out of me. I am fully enthralled by you that all the sleepless nights and high pitched screams seem to be forgotten by morning.  Your darling baby coos, squeals and laughter pierce straight to my heart making me feel the utter joys of mothering. The first thing you do every morning is give us a giant smile followed by a tiny giggle. You love holding our faces as your delicate fingers dance around our mouths, eyes and cheeks. You are learning the word ‘gentle’ and already associate that 1-2-3 will be follow by something fun or funny.

You are totally attached to my hip at the moment only letting me put you down for what feels like mere minutes at a time, as soon a you get a glimpse of me, I am all you want. You are able to put yourself to sleep but soothing yourself is something that I know will only come in time. You have started eating and we have yet to find something that you won’t automatically stick in your mouth. Your favorite toys are all toroid in shape as your hands seem to find ease in holding them.You find comfort in the warmth of my neck and seem to need to hold something soft in your hands when you are sleepy. You talk to your sister about all sorts of silly things and she makes you laugh with the quickest of ease, this I love.

We are now able to have some time apart and all I hear is praise in how well you do, this makes me proud but also makes me aware of just how quickly babyhood can pass. Everyday I am in awe with you and your sister and how beautiful your relationship already is, the power of sisters is an incredible thing to watch and experience. You are truly loved and wanted.


anaïs // month four

month 4 The first of the milk drunk dribbles. The sweetness of those rosy lips and those soft round cheeks. All the goodness that make motherhood worth the sleepless nights and all too early mornings. I love the way Lucy and Anaïs chat and chat in the morning while I try to get in a few more minutes of rest before starting the day. The power of of sisters is more than I can hold in my hands and heart put together, it is quite beautiful. This baby already holds herself with strength, there is authority in her voice and a joy that is bright and fills the room, she smiles with her entire being including a little crinkle with her nose. She is ready to move and show the world what she can do. But for right now we are all enjoying the dependency in which she needs each and every one of us.