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lovely things


this week’s lovelies were left by our wonderfully creative + kind neighbors. the following reads:

winter solstice dec. 22nd

it is the longest night of the year.

after this night the sun begins to climb

higher in the sky. the nights get shorter.

the rebirth of the seasonal year.

so the night of the 22nd you burn a candle

to keep the dark at bay and

in rememberanceof the sun.

the egg symbolizes rebirth.

the candles are lightly scented with

fig to represent the promised spring.

-so fill the bowl with sand, place an egg

in the sand and light, think of the turning

of the seasons and do a jig for the

promise of longer days!

happy solstice.

(p.s. the lovely box was handmade as well.)

yes, we are that lucky….and this is our lovely list for the week. i believe this will be a tradition we will carry on through the years. thanks lovely neighbors!



october’s cards: sell your cleverness + buy bewilderment

november’s cards: the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea

have a beautiful weekend, our holiday starts todays and ends in 2 weeks. i am so excited.


lovely things are in my head everyday


the winter air and sun have been far plentiful this season making sitting in front of a computer less appealing but a little reminder of thankfulness is good for the soul. i just had a lovely chat with a friend about life, passions + the dream of opening a brick + mortar (which is something we dream of both together + separate).  i do believe that the answers to the endless questions of ‘why’ are just that, and sometimes its the answer itself. finding the question is sometimes what we need to search for and the answer will then be revealed. but as i get older i realize that what suits me is the simplicity of it all, stripping things down to the bare minimum. + that my passion in life my not be what “i do”, it simply may be who i am + who i love.  easier said than done, in most cases (or at least mine).

other gems from the week:
-a giant family game nite,
hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows
-building gingerbread “houses”
-living with the spirit of giving
-talks about real life
-simple dinners with fresh bread

what lovelies are in your life? remind yourself of the blessings…


lovely things

a video that lucy’s teacher happened to share, its beautifully mesmerizing!

here are few other lovelies:
-newfound friendships + knitting
-taking a practical raw foods class
with a wonderful teacher
-catching up with old friends
-finding the perfect nativity set
-homemade chai tea
-craft fairs + swag bags goodness
-family time

we are knee deep in the holiday making, baking + everything in between. do you have any favorite holiday recipes? here’s mine!


happy advent


happy friday friends! the advent count has begun and like past years we have continued on the tradition of creating a calender for lucy. this year’s calender has some added adventures to the mix, one being a trip to see the nutcracker! its so sweet to see how excited miss beans is over the tiniest of trinkets or how grateful she is to have morning treat, plus it makes getting up for school a bit more fun. we are also heading over to urban craft uprising early tomorrow morning to get in line for free swag bags and to check out the crafty goodness.

i hope your weekend is a relaxing one filled with laughter, love and little quiet space.