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i am obsessed with nutsa modebadze a russian bag and now shoe designer. i saw the top bag a while ago on pinerest that only led to a tumblr that lead to a tumblr that lead to a blog with no name or link. after an hour of searching i came upon the most unfriendly site but the links where like tiny hidden treasures, i still haven’t gotten through them all but i have posted some of my favorites…i’m sure there’s more. i also haven’t figured out where you can buy one and i’m okay with that (for now) as the sticker shock my break my heart.


nut scrub


having a bunch of nut fiber left over from making milk i have been trying to utilize it all as much as i can.  the other day lucy and i made a scrub with some brazil nut fiber. for making sugar scrubs i use a 1:2 ratio of liquid to sugar.  sugar scrubs are easy to make and fun to customize. you can always replace the nut fiber for coffee grounds or add you favorite essential oils.

brazil nut sugar scrub

-1/2c brazil nut fiber

-1/2c coconut oil

-1/2c sweet almond oil

-1.5-2c sugar, depending on how wet or dry you like it

mix well. scrub. be soft.


he knits. she knits.


this has been the longest, wettest, greyest winter ever, so we  have been knitting away. i am a lucky gal as dave is an awesome knitter (he actually taught me, years ago) so some nites we sit and knit, over tea or mostly likely, beer. after making several of these hats this winter, dave’s sister + her bff asked if they too could have their own.  i love this pattern.  i adapted it a bit by taking away the decrease and just knitting till it looks good;  i also did a 3 needle bind off ,  then grabbed the two corners and whip stitched them together, on the inside (photo 3), this gives the slouchy part a clean folded look (see last image). the pattern calls for malabrigo but i opted for the cascade eco alpaca which is like butta to knit with and is my FAVORITE yarn to date! and for the curious, i knitted the grey one and dave did the creme one and the girls are in love them!


monday tokens

(image source: unknown)

we had a super wonderful weekend, not a single photo taken, not one email checked or sent, no phone reception, just an entire weekend spent lying lazily around our sister’s cabin up in the mountains. our favorite place to stay that’s close to home yet far away enough from it all. so on this token monday i am blessed because of our wonderful time together, as well as a few other golden moments.

-this weekend i watched hours of anthony bourdain

-i also got to read trashy mags (provided by the boy)

-dave’s orange ricotta pancakes! (my fav)

-hours upon hours of make believe

-the sound of our family laughing together

-watching the snow fall

-some beautiful thrift finds

-cuddling every evening with my boy

-listening to lucy sing loudly, everywhere about everything

such a nice way starting a week remember what i have and not about what i don’t. what are grateful for this past week?



lucy picked a random number the number is 7. the 7th comment is JESS! congrats dear, your scarf will be shipped out monday or i am sure someone would be thrilled to hand deliver it to you!! yea!


fresh almond milk

so easy + so good you’ll never go back to that boxed stuff! we used this stuff  in oatmeal, granola, smoothies or drink it by the glass full, its a big fav around here. its good for about 3-5 days + if its there’s some left after 3 days,  stick the rest in your ice cream maker and make yourself a yummy dairy-free treat!

almond milk

2c soaked (raw) almonds

5c cold water

2 dates (i pit them + tear them apart)

1tbs vanilla

pinch o sea salt

i blend everything in my vitamix for 1-2 mins until its all creamy, you may have to go longer with a regular blender so check to make sure the milk doesn’t get too warm; i keep my hand on the side of the container to gauge temperature. AND that my friends, is all it takes! if you want it super creamy, strain through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth and save the fiber for making raw toast or some yummy dessert!


lovely things


i’ve decieded to start my weeks off with a bit of graditude and pause. its so easy to overlook things with: laundry, work,  FB, twitter, school, planning and deciding what to cook for dinner, so i have made a promise to myself to make mondays about pausing and looking at what i have and why it makes me so lucky.

here’s what i’m thankful for:

+ that lucy spend all day saturday pretending she was kiki

+a sushi dinner

+a date nite

-friends who stuffed a ballot box to win a mexican buffet for 100 people (hence said date nite)

-a cute boy that can fix my computer programming, even when i mess up big time

-mom my skyping to watch a faerie movie with miss beans

-planning our garden

what are you thankful for?


a venture.


playing with natural dyes is quite addicting. i am off to hunt for a non reactive stainless steel pot and will post more results and final products soon, but the test scraps seemed too beautiful not to share.


twigs + sticks + nuts + berries



i started a raw lifestyle early this year, something that i have been humming and hawing over for years, it has always been really appealing. i must say that its not as intimidating as i first thought, once i took a look at all my raw non-cookbooks i realized i had most of the stuff in my home anyways.  i am not eating  tree bark or raw bread dough as some may think but am having fun coming up with new ideas for old dishes like salads, soups, “bread” and my favorite, dessert!  my vitamix and dehydrator have become my new best friends and i am using them on a daily basis.  some people have been really curious about what a raw lifestyle entails, i am not letting something like a diet rule my life or become  so dogmatic that it interferes with my social life, i am mostly raw which is better than no raw at all…i am okay with that. so i will continue to indulge with an occasionally pastry or a lovely cocktail and enjoy our family treat fridays. with the summer coming soon i am really looking forward to all the yumminess of fresh berries, fruit and produce that i get to experience in a whole new light. i am hoping to share some recipes soon so that i can maybe encourage you to add a few raw meals into your week.

and on the plus side lucy is liking is so much that she has been calling all of her raw meals, sparkly food, which is helping her shine.


happy blog birthday + giveaway


welcome to my new blog, birthed from the support and desire of my wonderful family and friends, here i will be sharing daily life, crafts, trials + errors and all things that inspire me from all around the interweb universe. i am thrilled to start this new venture and hope to create new friendships along the way!

a little bit about me. i am des, partner to a blessing of a  guy named dave +  mom to the sweetest little soul, lucy. we live in seattle. i have gone my whole life dreaming of knitting hats, baking bread and anything your great grandma would of done back in her day. i am also a lover of modern design and art, which can make me a bit of art snob, but sometimes going to art school does that to you. i am close with my family, love getting lost in the car, and will try anything you put in front of me. workhouse will allow me to catalogue my adventures in real life and in my vitural life, where i collect designer bags and dream of buidling my own studio in my backyard.

that being said, every good birthday needs a birthday present so i am giving away an item from my new (not yet release craft line) , a hand dyed linen scarf dyed with natural dyes . all you have to do is drop a little hello in the comments below + spread the word via interweb. i will pick a winner at random by friday march 26th.  best of luck + its a pleasure to meet you all!!


xo des