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at our last breakfast club meeting i ordered a delicious hash that consisted of sweet potatoes, golden beets + apples topped with a perfectly poached egg. i loved the simplicity of this dish so much that made it the other nite for dinner, i am a breakfast kinda girl. i added a few things like roasted garlic, onions + fresh thyme which added to the coziness of this meal. i am not one to follow recipes closely + since i didn’t really have one, i kinda just made it up. this was enough to serve 4-6 people,  i always like to make extra roasted veggie to top off salads, add to quesadillas or to just nibble on.

golden hash
-2 large sweet pots
-3 med golden beets
-2.5 fuji apples
-1/2 med onion
-handful of unpeeled garlic cloves
-1/2tsp fresh thyme
-olive oil

dice: pots, beets, apples, onions. layer on baking sheet, throw in garlic cloves, toss in olive oil to coat, salt + pepper. bake at 400 for about 45mins till things start to caramelize. i stirred the veggies a couple times to make sure they browned evenly. squeeze out garlic cloves, sprinkle with fresh thyme. top with a poached or fried egg. yummers!


giving thanks away


well folks i have to say that there has been way more traffic here on the workhouse blog then i could have ever imagined. over 18,000 hits so far this month! holy smokes, can you believe it?! so to thank you all for your support, comments + love i am giving away a set of six, ‘you are beautiful’ postcards. hand cut by me, laminated and fully postmaster friendly! (trust me i’ve sent several.)

so in order to win, leave a comment below and share the link for this post. a winner will chosen at random on friday, at the whim of a little girl who has her way with numbers. good luck + thanks so much to each + everyone of you!!  xo wkhouse


lovely things.


we had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday with friends: brunching, cocktailing + snacking on chocolate treats throughout the day… and yes, that is miss beans, post easter egg hunt + hot tub, swinging in a hammock.  life was hard that day, i tell ya.

here are few more lovelies from the week:
-being able to have my first getaway with the bean
-sleeping in our new bed
-thankful that i have a wonderful boy who willing to do anything(!) for me
-being reminded of what a special gift lucy is to this world
-lots + lots of uninterrupted the interwebs + blog reading
-being grateful that we can afford the life we have
-indulging in hot wings + beer

whew! what a week its been, i’ll share more details later but gimme the scoop, what was your favorite part of the week? and…how much candy did you eat?


treat friday.


we are home from our little vacay, feeling blessed to have had a little special time with lucy + feeling even more thankful to get to hang out with dave. last weekend we refinished our ceilings and this week dave pulled out all the carpet, and the 100s nails, and the 1000s of staples + cleaned up all the mess that created. so tonite we will celebrate like we do every friday with a treat, lucy is planning to make smore’s for us and then we all get to snuggle into our new organic bed for the first time tonite…as a family.

have a wonderful weekend and happy spring!




today we made birdhouses out of boxes that we paper mache’d, painted + decorated with drift wood and drawings. one is for us + the other is a thank you gift for aunt suji + uncle jim to enjoy up here at the cabin.


all thing magic + faeries


lucy + i have taken a little impromptu getaway to aunt suji’s cabin up in the mountains (we are blessed with awesome family), the house has always been a safe haven of stillness + reconnection.  i have been wanting to take a girls’ trip with miss beans for a while and this seemed like a perfect time. we are getting to know each other outside of our everyday routine. i love that she always has a stash of dried flowers, acorns, pods + other trinkets hidden in her pockets at anytime + she keeps them close so that she is always ready to entice faeries with her creations. today we built the first of several faerie homes we have planned for our trip, it was a sweet + an amazing experience to watch her creativity + passion. i feel so lucky to have lucy teach me and show me who she really is. she is pure love.

we are also singing this katy perry song (her fave) and this song at the top of our lungs, cooking,  drinking copious amounts of hot cocoa while talking about life, dad + her upcoming birthday.


lovely things.


this weekend dave + i had a long hard home project planned, thankfully my wonderful, ‘mom of the year’ award winning sis in law took lucy for us early friday through sunday nite. dave + i were able to get a little date nite in before the weekend work started. we have lived in our neighborhood for almost 4 years now and have never tried la medusa, probably the fanciest restaurant in on the block. i must say it was delicious and we will gladly return once the farmers market menu starts. we started dinner with a grilled romaine salad +  dave had a pasta with the perfect combination of: sardines, fennel, pinenuts, olives + raisins, and i had the spaghetti and meatballs. it was all so yummy that i heard dave say the next nite that we wished he still had his dinner.  we ventured out for ice cream and then met up with friends for a post meal cocktail (or two). it was a pleasant evening spent within in walking distance from home.  here are a few more lovelies from the week.

-seeing lucy’s whole weekend away from home in photos
-doing some major work on the house to create a space we love
-thankful that my mom made it through her first week of chemo
-being reminded that i chose the right person to be with
-friends who trade landscaping for babysitting
-laughing a lot!
-a wonderful friend who brought us south african food in the midst of our project