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lovely things


wow.  its two in the afternoon on tuesday i am just getting around to writing a lovely list for the week.  i feel like the whole past week has been a blur, thanks so much for everyone who sent love + light our way it was a doozie. now we are updating lucy’s room and furniture with fresh paint and gearing everything up for a full blown make over, then its onto our room + then the kitchen, whew… and vacation is squeezed in there some where. its all exciting to see things transform and fun to get creative with our home but wow a bike ride to the beach sounds good about now. i’ll post some inspiration images of what we are thinking for the house.

here are a few tokens from the week:
-a sweet shoot with a lovely friend
-photographing all the kids at lucy’s school
-taking dave to an amazing korean dinner
-bbqing + sunshine
-feeling loved + blessed for the people in my life
-having miss beans meet the most amazing bull dog, ever
-skyping with our nephew + hearing about his new life in germany


my heart


when i started this blog, i wanted it to be real, i wanted it to be honest. and honestly sometimes our beds don’t get made, sometimes our laundry sits clean + folded in the laundry basket for days and sometimes life hurts.

this is a simple photo on a regular old day when we were just messing around with my new phone. i love his smile. his favorite jacket. the face that so often greeted me + my family, daily.  this was our best friend, our soul mate. i have been lucky in my life to have met 3 beings that were so meant to be in my life and that have forever changed it: dave, lucy + aaron.  a year ago today we lost a part of our beautiful family, we said goodbye to a great love + a warm soul.

aaron taught me things that i am still trying to grasp, he showed me how to be graceful and laugh no matter the circumstance, to be loved, to show love, to live happiness… and to pamper myself every now + then no matter the cost. his presence surpassed all labels or definition. his laughter was warm + rich, his wisdom was deep + thoughtful, his life was vibrant + full.  i have never known a friendship like this + i think that this only happens once in a lifetime. not a single day has gone by that i haven’t thought about him or have my heart ache cause he won’t be here to watch lucy grow or to brag about her the way only uncles do.  he was the most special being + i am blessed to have been in his life, especially at the end.

so on this day i not only celebrate the life of such a bright light, i also mourn the loss of a life and relationship that ended  way too early.  i am comforted in knowing that his joy has spread across the world through all those who have encountered him.  i am at peace in knowing that i have the most beautiful guardian angel who will forever whisper to me to go ahead and splurge on those fancy jeans. he will forever be in our hearts.




lovley things


a tad late on the lovely things post this morning but road trips take a bit out of you + getting into the swing of things in never as easy or fun as it seems.  breakfast had been made, lunches have been packed + a quick shoot this morning, i am ready for a nap! we had a lovely week on the oregon coast, the tide pools there are unbelievable! lucy actually tried her hand at surfing + managed to keep her balance on the board while dad was holding it, she rode a few waves that way…such a brave girl. we ate freshly caught crabs, dave got a lesson in lemon drop making, played cards into the nite + talked about where life as taken each of us through the years.  i am home refreshed + motivated and ready to take on a few things that i have putting on the back burner for some time now. above are a few of our ocean treasures (there are more in the car) + a photo of lucy + lucas in the tall grass before we left to go home.

here are a few more lovelies from the week:
-getting a deeper sense of it all
-laughing with friends under the stars
-inappropriate conversations
-card games
-taking our time home + stopping at our hearts desire
-thrift finds(!) again
-making lucas his first s’more

what did you do this last weekend? do you have any favorite road trip memories?




these photos are from lucy first time in a wet suit + out on a board. we are heading out to the oregon coast  for a little surf trip with friends.  the oregon coast is a special place for my family, its where we always somehow manage to fall in love with each other again. it has magic like that and some of the best cheddar biscuits on this earth. i’ll see you sometime next week with promise of lots of photos. have a wonderful weekend.


mango lime quesadillas


i like spicy and anything with lime, lucy loves mango + dave, he’s a fan of goat cheese and things sprinkled with green onions + we always have at least one mexican dinner a week… presto! a dinner is born.  here’s the recipe, as promised.

mango lime quesadillas
makes 4
-1 round of goat cheese
-mango thinly sliced
-1/2 avo thinly sliced
-2 green onions chopped
-1/4c + a little more chopped cilantro (set a bit aside to sprinkle on top)
-8 whole wheat tortillas
-grapeseed oil
-fresh lime

on 4 tortillas arrange all filling ingredients at your whim, except lime, cover with remaining tortillas. over med high heat, drizzle grapeseed oil, cook quesadilla until all is melty and golden on both sides, 3-7 min. cook remaining quesadillas (you can keep the others in a warm oven until ready to serve), cut into triangles, sprinkle with remaining cilantro + a generous squeeze or two of fresh lime. serve with hot sauce and sour cream or plain greek yogurt…we are condiment people! enjoy.






every once in a great while i have a genius of an idea that actually comes into fruition they way i dreamt it would. this is one of those things.  for lucy’s birthday we created a time capsule.  i asked our immediate family to either share a favorite moment, write about what they love about her, send special photo of her or bring a trinket that represents something she holds dear.  our family went above + beyond my expectations.  some family member shared their beautiful heartfelt letters aloud, others didn’t , some made videos, some assembled collages of their lifetime thus far with her, my mom collected money in increments of 5 that were minted the year she was born, the list goes on + on.  lucy and i made a book of her favorite things right now, she drew the pictures, i wrote the words.  she also picked out a few treasures that she could part with for the time being.  lucy also decorated the tin that everything is stored in (fyi the 45 is for ‘i was four, now i’m five’). we have decided that we will let her open it when she’s 18.

i. love. this.


lovely things


after the week long celebration i must say that my heart is bursting with gratitude and joy. watching the way everyone swooned over lucy, the cake, the streamers, the house filled with family and the way lucy has appreciated all that she was given. be still my heart. i am feeling like a lucky girl.  here’s what else happened happily:

-scored a set vintage heath ceramic mugs for under $3
-reconnecting with a friend over amazing korean food
-saying goodbye to the nephew who is moving to germany for a year
-creating a time capsule for lucy’s birthday
-realizing my problems aren’t as big as they may seem
-spending all day sunday at home
-making a new friend and meeting new people
-choosing happiness in the everyday

what was your most favorite thing that happened to you this past week?


homemade chai

(image source: unknown, after a lot of searching)

with the weather what its been around here, i am literally pulling out the all the stops to help me handle what seems like the longest winter ever. this is my go to recipe for sunday morning, don’t get outta your pjs, curl up under a blanket, watch movies, read books, don’t leave the house kind of a day. it has always served me right.

chai tea
-4c water
-10 whole cloves
-12 whole cardamom seeds
-12 whole black peppercorns
-2 cinnamon sticks
-1 anise star
-4 slices fresh ginger (1/4in thick)
-2c milk (of choice)
-honey to taste

bring water, spices + ginger to a boil in pot. cover, lower hear + simmer 30-40 mins. add milk, bring to a low boil. turn heat off. strain into cup and stir in honey. you can add green or black tea the last five mins if you’d like.

i do hope this keeps you warm + cozy.