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happy brother birthday



when i was little, kids used to think he was my dad. when i got older, people used to think he was my boyfriend (gross!), now people just know he’s my brother. he used to be in a 90’s hair band, have highlights + wear spandex.  he taught me how to do my make-up and took me to get the best mullet haircuts a 9 year old girl could dream of, he made the best scary noises + always scared off any bullies + always sent my letters to santa for me.  he made awesome lip syncing videos of us,  took me to my first concert, stryper! and has given me 4 of the best nephews + nieces.  today is his birthday and he turns 50! happy birthday to the craziest, loudest, best (ahem) OLDER brother!



lucy says, “its mom”


blog posts will be sporadic for the next couple weeks as i don’t have a laptop anymore.  but i wanted to leave you something to smile about. this is a little gift miss bean’s made for me, i absolutely love it! i think its my favorite handmade gift thus far! seriously, doesn’t it just bring a smile to your face + maybe even a little chuckle?


lovely things

a day late on the list week. our home was broken into over the weekend which has left me feeling a little paralyzed + unable to sleep. i am still trying to gather all my barings. this has also lead us to some big life decisions that have yet to be finalized. fortunately we are surrounded by people who love us + support us through this next transition in life. i will be excited to share the journey with you.

on another note, we had an awesome camping trip! here are a few others that made this week’s list.
-laughing so hard with my bff
-choosing to move
-having a bit of time alone with lucy in the woods
-spending solstice at our favorite beach
-thankful that dave understands my copeing mechanisms
-loved watching lucy explore the wilderness with her friends
-listening to lucy + her bff share outdoor peeing techniques
-painting rocks + driftwood along the river
-super yummy camping meals

see how i snuck moving in the list? got any suggestions on where to go? we got ideas but would love to hear your favorite places to live.


camp friday happiness

(source aled lewis)

we are off to roslyn for our first camping adventure for the year, some friends + family will be joining us throughout the weekend to join in on the fun and soak up the sun.  so i am of course giddy for a weekend filled with s’mores, laughter, hikes, reading books near the river + maybe even sneaking out for a girls nite out, there’s a local dive bar in the area. hope you all have a relaxing weekend and throw in a few treats for yourself here and there.


lodi dodi we likes to party


we officially are pre-schooler free and looking forward to what kindergarten will bring.  lucy was one of the stars in a little performance the kids put on for us parents, they performed la araña pequeñita (the itsy bitsy spider). lucy was the rain that washed the spider out.  she created a keepsake melmac plate, whacked the heck outta the pinata and spend the day running in the yard with her friends. the last photo is her with her most favorite teacher ever, claudia, lucy comes home everyday smelling of her perfume so i know she is getting in some cuddles while she’s there.



lovely things.

this morning i am reflecting on what has been a time of personal growth, which can leave one in a bit of a weird space. although i am thankful for where my path has taken me this far i am also feeling a bit lost in where i am heading, trying to be okay with the unknown.  letting the answers + questions come as they will.  thoughts can sometimes be a dangerous thing + like clouds we must let them pass. our weekend however, was nothing short of amazing. lucy graduated + performed in a brief little performance before the ceremony. she also planned our father’s day dinner menu, a filipino feast inspired by this book.

a few more tokens from the week
-seeing the performer in miss beans shine
-plans for landscaping the yard
-taking a yoga class with lucy
-thankful for wonderful loving teachers
-dim sum brunch
-impromptu karaoke parties in the living room
-having two friends announce that their loved ones are cancer free!

how was your weekend? and…got any landscaping ideas you wanna share?


happy friday + fathers’ day!


we are keeping our fingers crossed that the sun sticks around for the weekend as we have tons of outdoor plans starting with lucy’s preschool graduation on saturday + a surprise for dave on sunday, which lucy has been planning for a week now; it involves quite the menu + starts off early.  i hope all the dads out there have a wonderful day filled with kid laughter + gratitude…and a few beers.

*and a special shout out to dave.
dave doesn’t make many appearances here at workhouse not because he’s shy but because to know dave is to love him and to flaunt him, is really not my style. father’s day is extra special here because the fact that him + lucy have the same blood running through their veins is a really sweet thing. he is solid, grounded + consistent. he makes lucy laugh harder than anyone else + makes fatherhood look fun and sometimes a bit too easy. he will play make believe way beyond my capacity or limit and engages lucy in a way that only he can. he will make blueberry pancake every saturday morning  and will allow her make giant messes while they make pizzas together. he notices the small things + remembers the big.  fatherhood is not just a title in our home but an honor, a life in which lucy chose us to be her parents. dave is incredible and was meant to be a dad, his patience is inspiring, his calmness is infectious and his little girl is his pride.

happy dad’s day, yo. xo