Monthly Archives: August 2011

so cal


me and the miss are still on the coast making magic, wishing on dolphins and stopping at haunted houses…among many other. it is amazing to watch lucy play in my childhood home, to have her sweet laughter fill the house and to have the wall keep her songs + stories locked within. we will be home within the next 2 weeks but until then we will bask in the sun + think of all our favorite things.

hope you lovelies are enjoying the summer. i can’t wait to share stories + photos with you all. be well. xo.


hwy 101

my dears, we are roadtripping down the pacific coast, meeting redwoods, hiking cliffside + stopping at our hearts desire. thus far i have decieded that my wish is to spend the final years of my long life in big sur + to return to the redwood national forest to sleep under all that magic. more details + photos to follow…



camp crafts


a request from evan for me to teach her how to make an ojo de dios turned into a family craft nite while up in roslyn. it was nice to make things with our hands + chat about the randomness-es that come along with everyone being in one room. i am sad that i didn’t get a photo of everyone’s finished work but trust me they were fancy, folks!  it was great to see where everyone took their craft and how creative everyone got. we left one for our gracious hosts in hopes that it brings them the power of seeing both what is known + unknowable.


cold river hot day

our favorite thing to do is be in the water, it seems to take our stress level down a few notches + is grounding for us. we spent the day at the river skipping rocks and taking brief dips in the snow fed river. rhonda jumped the large rock in the photo above. our friend, finn, fell in love with a pair of cleats at a local garage sale + wouldn’t take them off the whole weekend. the girls made rock mermaid tails and sang. we made friends with a bulldog named tater + took in all the sun rays we could handle.



small town usa

a lovely 90 minute drive out of the city and into simpler times. where everyone knows everyone.  you can walk the entire town in a half an hour, talk to anyone + seeing a smiling dog roaming the streets. hopefully at some point in our lives we will end up living in a place very similar to this. until then i’ll be happy with my morning soy latte walks and urban living.


lovely things

returning from roslyn after a wonderful sunny weekend with some great family friends, i am feeling so lucky that we are fortunate enough to have a place of refuge + restoration up in the mountains, thanks to dave’s sister. the sun was shining, the river was just cold enough, the food was delicious + the company is some of our favorite. we rode bikes, played at the park, fantasied about living in this quaint town, looked at houses for sale, garage saled, cooked together, went to the farmers’ market, made crafts + engaged in our friendships. it was delightful. once again i am reminded that my life is full. above is a basket that i bought from samba, a local vendor at the farmers’ market, he was making them there on site! i couldn’t resist. here are a few more lovelies that made the list:

-catching up with a friend over cocktails
-hand-me-down vintage wayfarers
-making a video of my niece + lucy and their fairy knowledge
-fresh strawberry shaved ice
-realizing lucy may no longer have a strawberry allergy(!)
-joining an amazing nostalgic FB group
-dave + i growing + nurturing our relationship

i hope you all are enjoying the summer, the season has finally decieded to visit us so we are getting out in it as much as possible. we will be heading on our first major family road trip down the pacific coast. i can’t wait.  if you have any sweet or quirky spots along hwy 101 that you love please share, we love to hear them!