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whoa momma!


wow, so as a mom, i get to carry a baby for 9 months, which changes you. morning sickenss, changes you. have a baby, redefine myself as a mom, redefine myself as a partner, raise a child to school age, send said child to school for 6hrs a day, figure out what to with my new 6 hrs a day, remind myself of who i was before all of this and then redefine myself again, all that changes you…enter momlife crisis.

as i hang out on the playground chatting with my newfound kindergarten moms, i am realizing that i am not the only one, trying to figure out how to figure it all out.  i know that a career change is in order because school takes up a lot of time and shooting weddings (which mostly happens on weekends) is not where i want to be while my family is doing something else. but what do i do? i am trying to be more intentional and slow this time around, “choosing” what i want to be when i grow up.  i know that i am fortunate enough to have a supportive partner who wouldn’t mind me basking in the sun reading books for the next several months to figure some things out, but i also don’t want to feel guilty about not doing anything. and yes, i am still doing the brunt of the housekeeping, packing lunches, getting to and from school but i know that that is not enough for me to feel whole. and then this gem of a video above found its way to me via the interwebs and it has got me thinking (a ton) on how vunerable i actually am in my own life. moms are suppose to be this powerhouse, do all. be all. end all. pretend all, if all else fails. but i am finding more empowerment in the truth of it all, being authentic. i know that women put a lot of pressure on themselves to be (fill in the blank) and now i am seeing the pressures of being the “cool” mom at school; will i volunteer enough, is my sweater vintage enough, should i be wearing cute hunter wellies, can i make the best vegan, gluten free, nut free, fat free, sugar free cupcakes the world has ever known? whatever….is it enough? am i enough? i am i worthy enough to be flawed + imperfect + survive? the answer is, ‘yes’ but the process has just begun.

so if you’re wondering what i will be doing with my time now that miss beans is in school and i won’t be internet-ing, it’ll be a lot of soul searching. in end i  hope to come out with a new sense of freedom that i have yet to discover, which i will pass down to lucy, so, (if/when) her children go off to school, she can forgo all this and just have a midweek mimosa without feeling guily, cause lord knows mama could use a cocktail!




cleanse, anyone?


juice cleanse, check. house purge, check. mind cleanse…..then i got thinking.
i was thinking about how when i go on vacation i never feel the void of social networking or blogs. i don’t need to know what my friends are eating or who they are with or what their kid said that day. don’t get me wrong, i love my friends, i find them interesting and want to hang out with them and get to know them in ways that 140 characters won’t allow. that being said, i thought it would be a nice challenge to go on a social media/internet cleanse. the fall air is breezing through, i have endless things i can create + my yard could use a little attention and i don’t need to spend endless hours getting inspired by what other people are doing and then not doing any of those wonderful things myself. think of the time i would save not pinning things or svppling things or reading about other people’s lives. i could just live my own life, in real life. so i am seeing who wants to go in on this with me? i am starting october 1st and shooting to reenter the internet world come the new year. i won’t be updating my status or sending out tweets or reading other peoples’ blogs. i will however continue documenting life here at workhouse + updating my photography blog. any snail mail, phone calls, coffee dates will all be accepted + welcomed.


lovely things + a challenge soon to follow.

we spent sunday celebrating my niece’s 16th birthday, her wish was to go to a local mexican place that serves baby sized burritos + have treats at our place, we all happily obliged.  it was a wonderful fall day and its always great to get to hang out with our family. we feel so fortunate to be close both in proximity + in heart. here are few more lovely that made the list:

-a curtain rod that has been falling on my head everyday for the past forever
has finally been fixed(!)
cold coffee brewing has been a success + delicious
-authentic conversations
-feeling peaceful
-2 nites of going to bed super early (7:30+8)
-working a local job + being at a bonfire with beers + friends within 15 minutes of getting off
-family slumber party
-treat friday with new friends

how was your weekend? stay tuned for a little challenge i have for myself + who ever wants to join in! i would love to hear what you think about it.


h to the b, mom!

(if my mom where a hipster, this is what she would look like)

today is my mom’s birthday. she will, in fact, be celebrating for the next month and a half considering how many friends she has + how they all want to take her out to eat or feed her cake. she’s just that kind of a gal. she really surprises me sometimes, like being able to make a call on skype or setting up her own facebook account or traveling through her journey with cancer.  she is one tough cookie who reminds us all that you’re never too old to play a practical joke on someone or to make friends with people half or twice your age. she is has a full heart. today she is enjoying a spa day and tomorrow her friends are throwing her a party. we send her the most magical wishes ever + here’s to many years to come! we love you! happy birthday! xo. desdavelucy


birthday dinner. hers.

a little visual of my bday dinner at  the walrus + the carpenter. the best grilled octopus i have ever had! and sorry there is not photo of dessert, the bay leaf panna cotta with wild blackberries + rose was well worth the wait. a great little bar to hang out + have cocktails with friends while eating all things divine for hours. lucy fared well but tapas style eating is not really a 5yro idea of luxury. we will definitely go back, for a date nite. go! but go early, the place fills up fast and the lines are looong!


day 4: the end


my mom got us a room at an over the top shabby chic wonderland in san luis obispo, i think she really wanted us to show up smelling nice + showered. it was nice to sleep on a bed, have a warm meal + let lucy go crazy for a bit before heading to my childhood home in the morning. it was a great way to get out our ansy + to give ourselves a break from being couped up in the car for the last 72 hours.  i think next time we’ll stay here, its been a childhood dream that i had forgotten but have now been reminded. this roadtrip was so rad + everything you could ever hope for as a family. we arrived feeling closer, we realized that we really are a good team + our lives are meant to be spent together. we are lucky to have all found each other, love eachother + are proud to call this little gang of 3, family.



lovely things


this week we celebrate birthday 3 out of 5, my little brother made it to grad school + his first ever place of his own + my mom recieved some terrific news about her cancer. and, oh how the weekend flew by + left us with some wonderful memories. it was our goal to unplug this weekend and enjoy some much needed family time. we continued the birthday celebration with dinner at maneki, it was our first time there and we were delighted by the sweet ladies that run the place + even more delighted with the best sushi in town! we then went home, made popcorn in dave’s new popcorn maker (truffle oil, white cheddar + garlic) + cuddled up to watch ‘up‘. on saturday we headed out to the fair since sunday was supposed to be extra rainy, it was a blast + we ate some much needed junk!  we ended the day by spending dinner time with the brother and his family …some of our most favorite people! sunday was spent around the house doing whatever responsible people do to get ready for the week ahead.

a few other stand outs for the week:
-lucy making a homemade slingshot for dad
-riding our new cargo bike
(then crashing said cargo bike, we are fine)
-zucchini car races at the farmer’s market
-family nite run to krispy kreme
-celebrating dave
-making new friends
-being grateful for slow living
-making peach mango jam

what are your lovelies for the week?


happy friday, adventurers!


happy friday lovelies! since last nite was an all school potluck we are off this weekend to celebrate dave’s birthday. one of his gifts was an adventure lucy + i put together as well as plans to go to the fair on sunday. we are unplugging for the weekend and getting in some family time, its amazing how school can really suck up so much time…and forget the endless mess it makes! so we are playing this weekend + eating fair food (which is why we only go every other year). what are your plans for the weekend? i hope you do some super amazing + then tell me about, perhaps over cocktails?!