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roadtrip day 3


day 3 magic. dave + i decided to skip san francisco and drive further south so we could take lucy to the monterey bay aquarium; best decision ever! as i am writing this i am getting a bit nostalgic and teary eyed; i can see the wonder, the fascination, the happiness in lucy’s face on this day. her day. she started it off with chocolate croissant + things just got better from there. we played. we confused fish by changing their current. we watched documentaries. we let waves crash above our heads. we learned.  we touch sea stars + other things i can’t remember. we were in awe. this aquarium kicks all other aquariums asses, for the reals. the jelly fish exhibit leaves you speechless and never wanting to leave. and the central coast of california is what fairytales and dreams are made of, it is literally the edge of the world -vast + remarkable. this is a memory that i will forever cherish + remember, our lives were perfect this day.


h to the b


today is the boy’s birthday, his last year in this decade. seriously there are no ways to describe how crazy, smart + funny this boy is. only a few special people in the world know the magic of this man + i am lucky to be one of them. he is gold. happiest of birthday to a the boy who found his way into the hearts of 2 girls who love him so. xoxo


roadtrip day two


what an experience day two was! dave’s one request is that we stop at the redwood national forest and omgoodness it was one of the best things we did! first off no words or photos could ever describe the magnitude of this place, it was so overwhelmingly beautiful + astounding that i actually cried. it was a very spiritual experience to be surround by such wisdom + knowledge + strength + beauty. luckily for us we were able to take a little day hike + explore a bit + search for the elusive four leaf clover (no luck here). i can only hope that one day we can return to camp there and really take in the amazingness of it all. this was by far the most magical part of the trip for me + i think all of us. lucy was so smitten that on our way out she actually kissed a tree and said that that would be the only tree she would ever kiss. YES, its that magical!


roadtrip day one

it was our goal to hit 500 miles a day + stopping at our hearts desire. we made it all the way down to the oregon coast about an hour outside of california. all we knew we wanted to see was the sunset everyday + also keep our family camp out tradition of lights and nite photography (sans tripod, whoops!). so those are some pretty easy goals to acheive and lucy had a great time staying up super late, watching falling stars and making her own kinda light graffiti. we took in the sunset around the oregon dunes, which i highly recommend visiting, they were beautiful and the tree canopy was equally stellar. i absolutely loved this whole trip, lucy was an amazing trooper + this vacation made us thankful for each other and closer as a family. and did you happen to notice the falling star in the last photo?


lovley things.

july postcards

i am hoping things are back into full swing over here at workhouse, we have a lot to catch up on. above are the cards from last months secret society and only a few more months to go, i cannon believe how fast this year has gone + how short our seattle summer has been. although short, i must say that it has been one of the best summers i have had in a long time and i feel lucky that it was all mostly spent as family time. i can remember certain summers by  songs that played on the radio or albums that i listened to over and over and i think our theme song for the summer is a mix of the little mermaid + katy perry’s fireworks, both which lucy sang at the top of her lungs for our road trip. wowzers! i must say life is full + there is more to behold now that kindergarten has started,  i  am easing into this next phase of my life slowly and with more intention + direction.

here are a few more sweet things from the past week:

-picking blackberries + making jam
-being reminded on my birthday that i am so loved by many
-the excitement of my little bro leaving the nest
-being blessed with the most magical kindergarten
teacher that ever has been
-reuniting with some of my favorite people
-planning a sweet 16 for my niece
-cleaning up the yard after much neglect
-beaching with the mad crew

what are favorite things from the past week or the summer? i’d love to see what you did, send blog or photos links my way. here’s to a lovely fall…



(taken in the redwood forest)

today i turn 35. yesterday was my brother’s birthday and a week from today we celebrate dave’s birthday. september is full. full of change. today i will be celebrating in solitude at one of my favorite places, the korean spa. where i will steam and soak and read and drink tea and eat bi bim bop and rest and scrub and sweat and get my favorite green tea shake for the ride home. our dinner plans are for the walrus + the carpenter, a place i have been itching to try for a while, no reservations allowed so i am keeping my fingers crossed we get in? go ahead + send a getting seating wish my way!

i must be honest that 35 has brought some surprises, my biological clock is in overdrive, so we are either a) getting a dog this year or b) having a baby and c) dave has asked me to let lucy be in school for atleast two months before i make a decision about my newfound 6 hours of me time. so we’ll see, we have always been set on one child but holy cow hormones and babies can make a lady bonkers! i am looking forward to having some time to reflect and appreciate what life has given me in these 35 years + to breath thankfulness for the year to come….and to think about baby names when there is nothing better to do.

*and i promise after this week i will be back to regular posts, starting with our fabulous road trip down the west coast!


five years in the making.


it’s official, everyone, our sweet little bean is a kindergartener! what a tremendous feeling this is, so bittersweet. as i look back i am so thankful that my life everyday, all day, for the past five years was spent with this special child. my heart radiates. it is so amazing how quickly time passes; moments ago i was a new mom struggling to breastfeed and read the cues of my sweet new babe whose didn’t speak my language nor i her’s to sending my 5yro old off to spend more time at school than at home with me. now i am left to  recollect the pieces of who i once was and try to find out if they still all make sense. i am blessed that  she has become my best friend and i am grateful that i get to share this life with her and i am lucky that the cuddles + love notes keep coming. last nite at dinner i asked lucy what she learned about me over these past five years, her reply was,”you like things spicy + you really like photos.” both of which are true. she of course has no idea how and in what capacity she has taught me over these years, not only about myself but about how to love. lucy has been an extraordinary teacher and has showed grace throughout the beginning of the this long journey, she is truly a special soul. she has shown me what it means to be brave + kind hearted and how to be attentive to those we love. i cannot even imagine what the future has in store for her…and us. but as for now we will just take that one grade at a time (that’s about all i can handle).