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list of lovelies


i only took one photo of our trip to spokane + it was with my phone. there was just too much to take in and enjoy that taking photos was the last thing from my mind. albeit our trip was because we lost dave’s grandfather we had a wonderful time surrounding ourselves with family, which doesn’t happen that often. we were all able to stay in one house together, staying up late playing cards, midnite snacks, dave’s sister treated to massages and brow grooming, we laughed, told stories + caught up.  our view was stunning and the quietness of nature was restorative. and now after endless hours of driving we are home, filled with joy and reassurance that no matter what we always have family.

here are few other treasured moments for the week:
-watching lucy set up a creation station for a giant family activity
-seeing tons of deer
-hearing coyotes howl
-late nite family story telling
-generous surprises




dave makes the best popcorn, there are some weeks that we have it almost every nite. when we visit my mom its one of the first things she asks dave to make for her. i have tried to make it on my own but it never comes out the same, he has the knack. so here are a few tips that i have picked up as i have watched him make it + i have come to realise that there is a system to get everything just right.

1.this is the popper we use + we love it!
2.dave adds thinly sliced garlic when popping the kernels
3.put popped corn in a mixing bowl, drizzle with melted butter
4.mix to coat
5.add nutrional yeast, white cheddar powder, dash of salt
6.mix to coat




there are a few staples that make capitol hill feel like home, karen is one of those people. her warm spirit and knowledge helped me get through pregnancy and her smile always makes you feel like a friend. i have had several people tell me to stop by sugarpill and on saturday i finally got my chance. and to my joyous surprise i saw karen in her new space, in a new (fruitful) venture, i couldn’t have been more proud and happy for her! the space is absolutely perfect, a perfect blend of culinary delight and apothecary healing, she is passionate about natural medicine + knows her stuff. her new place enables her to mix up remedies + tinctures on the spots + tempt you with a few delights you didn’t know you needed. please go, please support sugarpill and be sure to chat with karen, you’ll be glad you did.


lovely list


a snow filled week has come to an end + the year of the dragon is upon us, breathing fire and bravery into 2012. i sat in lucy’s class for a few minutes to hear her explain chinese new year to her class, telling them about all the symbolisms and explaining to them that she is a dog. our last week was filled with wonderful conversations, curious learning + lots of exploring the snow covered earth, it really makes me question my education choices for our miss. come saturday, it was finally nice to get into the car, out of the house + neighborhood. we ventured to the kinokuniya bookstore, lucy says that they just make you love everything there! we also picked up new art supplies and did a bit of yarn shopping, some of my favorite things. the weekend ended with us all lazily laying around the house.

here are a few more trinkets:
-starting the herringbone cowl
-mid afternoon cocktails with lady friends
-my favorite song on repeat
-having lucy explain to me that since people say ‘cheese’, cheese must say ‘people’ when being photographed
-focusing on work both new + old

we are heading out of town for a family funeral, where we will be with family + on some of the most sacred lands to us. its always so amazing how death reminds us of our love and our fragility, how seemingly large situations become increasingly minute.


silk socks


several years ago while on a trip to nyc i bought this yarn at purl. its been sitting in my yarn stash ever since, waiting for the perfect project. hello socks. they are perfect for sleeping in, i heard somewhere that you sleep more soundly with socks on .