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birthday book

 for dave’s birthday (back in sept) lucy + i made a little scavenger book for them to do on a day of their choosing. we made an accordian book, filled it with random descriptions, loaded an instax with film and packed some washi tape to attach the photos to the book, we put everything in a muslin bag for easy transport.  they recently went out for their adventure day + came back with big smiles and stories to tell. i love the way they both came home bursting at the seams to tell me about their day and how their retelling involved lots of laughter and surprises. (my favorite photo is ‘fancy + colorful’ which is of a gentleman’s tiger tattoo on the top of his head.)  and folks, i think we have started a lovely new birthday tradition.



(source: unknown)

i feel like i am floating in place, lots of options but no where to go + endless possiblities. ever feel that way? its the best way i can describe it. so like every monday i am here to remind myself of the blessings that made themselves known to me throughout the past week,  sit with them for a while to give me resolve + to fill my heart for the week ahead.

+ being able to cuddle endlessly in the mornings
+ watching lots of home videos (lucy was feeling ill)
+ yarn shops + cocktails
+ friday nite date with the ladies
+ cupcake delivery by the mister + bean
+ random chats with the neighbors
+ saturday nite dinner with the brother + nephew
+ sunday thrifting
+ sunshine

how was your weekend? what’s on your list of thrift?


happy friday

*(i’ve been holding onto this post for a while.) these earring were at a store, i was a poor college student, they were out of my price range, a few years later the store shut its doors for good, i never forgot about these earrings, or the girl who owned the shop.  i always remembered her being so cute, in ways that only girls who think other girls are cute can be. she had impeccable taste and style, was reserved + soft spoken. humble, even though she owned one of the most amazing stores up on capitol hill at the time. the store was lipstick traces + the owner was jenn. 5 years later our paths have crossed again, because of our children, we share the same passion for knitting, cooking, life + motherhood. she is still just as lovely, if not lovelier, she is a sweet kind spirit. and we have become friends, good friends, kismet. one day jenn handed me a little flannel package and to my total amazement, shock + gratefulness she gifted me with these earrings, saying that they were just meant to be mine.  i feel so lucky, on so many levels.


monday thanks.

+ we took a little day trip to bainbridge to do some exploring
+ visiting churchmouse + blackbird bakery
+ watching lucy + dave boulder together
+ having cocktails with a friend at a new bar in town
+ dying a batch of blacks
+ starting the weekend off watching this
+ sunday morning walk
+ making big life decisions
+ finding some sweet wood spoons
+ buying yarn to start a herringbone blanket

how was your week(end)? what adventures did you create?


happy weekend.

i am hoping since the rain is coming down and the tea kettle is going to get a few moments with ez in this evening. a sweet friend who is equally excited about knitting + yarn + such recommended the pbs series + found it very endearing. i am lucky enough to have a gentleman who also loves knitting + quirky grandma knitters, therefore geeking out together will be a nice way to end the week. i wish you lovely things for your weekend!


the dream

i had the pleasure of going to the madrona fiber arts retreat in tacoma yesterday. i had only heard about this event nite before + decieded to take a little field trip by myself. with vanilla latte in hand + a 45 min drive south, i found myself in fiber heaven, really.  i was sent on a mission by a friend to meet + have my photo taken with mr. brooklyn tweed , so i did. i was able to see yarns + textiles + fleece + tools that i have only admired online. i finally got a chance to check out habu textiles, which was even more amazing then i could have imagined, wool wrapped stainless steel yarns to paper yarns to the most delightful silk wrapped around paper cones. it was this knitter’s dream come true. i will be definitely going back next year to take in the whole event, there was an amazing sense of community + i somehow felt so connected, like i found my tribe.

*post script. sorry for the weird photos, i only brought my point+shoot as to not appear too nerdy + well, the color isn’t that fantastic.