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the little brother

we have been counting down the days until my brother’s visit, we have all sorts of wonderful things planned this weekend but most of all it will be nice to have his laughter fill our home + hearts. and yes, she’s that excited!

post script not unlike my brother but he missed his flight and we are still waiting for his arrival, which we hope will be by the days end. brothers…


harissa feta

i got this recipe years ago from a friend of a friend at a party, i somehow magically memorized it and when the stars all align + i happen to have all ingredients on hand; i happily make this.

roasted red pepper dip
-1 red pepper
-2-3 cloves of garlic
-chunk of feta
-olive oil
-1tsp of harissa (or to taste)

smother red pepper + garlic with oil, broil or grill until skin is charred and garlic is soft. remove skins and place all ingredients in a food processor, i drizzle a bit of olive oil or water in the processor to get things going, blend until smooth(ish) should be about the consistency of hummos. if you don’t have harissa you can use cayenne or fresh jalapeno or just leave the spice out completely.

use it as a dip/spread or  let it harden in a container and then slice.



this past weekend a friend invited me to go float in deprivation tank. neither one of us had done it before so we were up for the adventure and a little overnite stay in portland. we went to the float shoppe , run by a lovely + passionate couple. i have been asked by lots of people about being fearful, it may bring up issues for some, those dealing with claustraphobia or the thought of being alone with yourself and your thoughts for 1.5 hrs but for me none of those things were on the forefront of my mind. i was happy to get some space + time all to myself, how many times in our lives do we dedicate time for just that? this was my experience:

it was so relaxing, like getting a massage, taking a nap + having a silent meditation all rolled into one.  i had no concept of time, i could only focus on my body, my breath + the sounds of my internal workings. after about the first 10-15 i began to hear popping and cracking sounds coming from what i first thought were my sinuses and then soon realized were my cranial plates adjusting and aligning, they were free to move into place without having the pressure or stress of gravity weighing them down. my brain now had the space it needed to relax and ooze into its natural state. i passed through several different surges of energy and mind chatter before falling into a deep and peaceful meditation, my breath was immediately square, my body was totally weightless. being able to strip down all the layers, sounds, and visuals allowed me to be able to hear my inner voice. what i experienced was reflective, personal; nothing too woo woo or metaphysical, just another modality to give clarity, allow breath, relax and to be present with myself. some people enter with intention or questions, i entered with a clear mind so that whatever rose or came up did so on its own and without preconceived notions. i exited my warm cocoon feeling refreshed, hyper sensitive to the world around me, clearer + totally relaxed. i spent the next 2 hours waiting for my friend to finish her float all while chatting with the sweet owner who also offered me some very dear insight…and a warm cup of tea + tincture. i will definitely do it again + take dave along for a float as well. i highly recommend it!!



lovley list

returning by from a short little trip to portland for an overnite with a sweet + wise friend. a few trinkets i picked up along the way: himalayan salt bar, rose + violet pastilles, along with some tinctures. the weather was lovely, the sun was out, the food was good, and the company was perfect. i will share in full detail about my trip but here are a few other lovely things that happened during the week.

+ listening to lucy’s class learn a song from the ivory coast
+ learning to let go + jump
+ being open to change
+ putting together lucy’s outfit for her zambia project
+ taking in advice + direction
+ walks along the lake
+ spring’s arrival



thankful list

a weekend filled with mist, waterfalls, guided hikes by lucy and a whole lotta love! and not to mention the largest chocolate malt known to man!

+organizing every closet in the house
+open heart talks that invited growth
+dance party with the ladies
+beautiful sunsets
+new haircut
+lovley end to my ceramics class



the truth is this last month have been filled with breathtaking moments, some good, some surprising, some stressful. this weekend was no different. our family is going through an interesting time right now + when the time is right i am hoping to share more with you all. but for now we welcome your kind thoughts, prayers, meditations as we embark on something we never thought of before this.  so today is about taking care of business + although i do have things that i am thankful for, i will leave that for another day. 


spring thaw

new spring patterns out from the brooklyn tweed team, there are several that are catching my eye! check out the look book here. its all so lovely + be still my heart + eager knitting hands.