Monthly Archives: March 2012

hello monday.

a lovely way to end the week, brunch at sitka + spruce with some of my favorite ladies. i also stopped by a local kids clothing store + scored on some major amazing dress up clothes! i was able to get a little knitting in + was so thankful that i had the insight to keep lucy at home on friday for a little bonding + much needed cuddling. its amazing that such a simple yet sometimes unrecongnizable thing is all she needs to reset + decompress. even little beings need a mental health day every now + again. here are a few more lovelies from the week:

+watching lucy finally get hoolahooping
+excited my brother booked a flight for a visit
+marking the half way point for my mom’s treatment
+sharing stories with friends
+stormy grey days that welcome contemplation
+thinking of chickens



today miss bean’s class is celebrating the 100th day of school! she wanted to make a big flag for herself + 100 tiny flags to take in as a project for the celebration, its such a big day!


breakfast club


for a little over a year now, on the second sunday of every month me + several lady friends get together to brunch, drink morning cocktails + laugh. i started breakfast club as a way for me to get all my people in one place and to invite my favorite people to invite their favorite people, in order to really nurture + grow my friendships. the ritual has continued + has offered more than just good food + an excuse to get out; we have built a little community, we have created new friendships and yes, we have been know to do a few morning shots of tequila! i would like to invite any local readers to join us, bring a friend and break bread with fellow seattleites. we will be at  sitka + spruce. if you would like to be added to the email list or to rsvp for this sunday please email me at:


monday thanks

the photos say it all, we had a great time!

+date nite + show with the mister
+hanging out with friends for cocktails
on a school nite
+sushi nite
+teaching my sis in law to knit
+meeting up with old friends for ice cream
+moving forward with moving forward


happy weekend

two of my nieces share their birthdays with very significant dates in my life, one being my father’s birthday + the other being the date in which he passed, its very full circle and non-coincidental. i love when things like this happen in life, i often accept them as of reminders of my father presence in our lives. so this weekend we will be the celebrating the birth + life of our youngest niece, katie. and in keeping with tradition we will be making her a cake and filling her day with lots of love, songs + hugs! hope you have a great one!



making my own face wash and toner. i have been using raw honey as a face wash for nearly a year now + have now decided to make more of a creamy face wash with milk and honey. (1:1 ratio).  i also read somewhere a long time ago that you can use green tea as a toner, so i made a strong batch of tea and added a bit of fresh aloe, to aid healing.  so far so good + i awake with super soft skin.