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monday thanks

this weekend was jammed packed with stuff. all good. all kinds of stuff that feed the soul and the belly. here’s what made the list for the last week:

-having dave take off early friday to watch lucy ride bikes at the park
-getting the xtracyle tuned up for the season
-our friend liz had an open studio tour
-eating a fabulous dinner here! go!
-yard work in the sunshine
-bbqing twice, once with sweet friends, once with family
-celebrating a little friend’s birthday in costume
-talking to dave about what it would have been like if we met 5 years earlier
-birthday planning
neon + nude manis with the niece (my new favorite activity + color combo!)
-feeling love + supported + cared for

its been a while since i’ve made a list but it sure feels good to be reminded of the goodness around me.




i read a book when i was younger about how coincidences are not so happenstance, they serve a purpose. everyday i crossed paths with people, have brief moments of eye contact or take a quick minute to listen to someone’s story while in line for coffee, i always try  to send a compliment to stranger if my heart calls me to. i have learned that we are here to support one another, to make connections, to give and take when needed, to listen and converse, to help and be helped, to pick up treasures and trinkets along the way to use now or to store away for later. you never know what some else has to offer you, what message they have for you or vice versa, people are gifts. so (almost) everyday i am reminded of this simple yet so complex thing when lucy leaves me all the treasures that she has stashed in her pocket throughout the day, things that somehow fill her and remind her of me, the world around her or just to have a reserve on those days that she may need them the most. taking time to literally stop and recognize those moments when they are happening in her life speak to the fact that she is here to teach me some lessons. wise old soul.


tiny houses

(image source: tiny house blog)

where we live has been on the forefront of our minds quite a lot lately. we are in a situation that has us contemplating: moving, necessity and togetherness. i hope that in the next few weeks i am able to share our story with you but for now i will leave you with some sweet tiny homes. we don’t need much, we want to live in a community and with freedom, we want to be by family and dear friends who love us. a tiny house is really all we need when the world is at our front door.


the goodness

finished up our spring break with a weekend trip to portland. it was actually lucy’s first time exploring the city and meeting some dear friends. she also did her first float at the float shoppe, their youngest floater to date! we were able to share a few moments with my brother, who was also in town for a conference, we had a lovely meal at farm and shared a box of voodoo donuts.  we were able to visit with friends in the sunshine, laugh and forget about adult life for a moment. and like always, with road trips, we were once again reminded of how amazing our little family of 3 is. all of which my heart is bursting with thanks.


spring break

(image via: pale)

things will be a little quiet here at workhouse as our life will be full of adventures for the week. i wish you a week full of cherry blossoms, blooming japanese magnolias, sunshine and picnics (fingers crossed). xo


for keeping spells and magic

as a gift to my bff ,who does her monthly budgeting in envelopes, i made her a little leather bound book of ombre colored shimmery envelopes. i used a super soft light pink calf leather and hand stitched a little crystal on it for good measures. i was so happy with the first one that i made another for lucy as a gift for easter, she is known for keeping all sorts of lists and magic. i never knew bookmaking could be so satisfying, i am so happy with my craftswomanship and think that they turned out as special as i wanted them to be. now, maybe onto a few more to sell….