Monthly Archives: May 2012


pickled some rainbow carrots + golden beets this weekend. i have a cookbook filled with my grandmother’s recipes which inspired me to try something i have never done before. i pretty much made up the brine recipe which i tweaked a bit so that they weren’t both the same. i’ll let you know how they turn out but aren’t they just so pretty to look at?


ice candy

a lovely long weekend spent with family on a blanket in the backyard in the sun, evening walks after dinner, lazy mornings and pancake breakfasts, + sunday homesteading. yesterday we made our first batch of popsicles, coconut and watermelon, mighty tasty!  i am ready to mix things up a bit and will try my hand at a chili mango or something of the sorts. i remember making popsicles in the summer or when we would visit our family in the philippines my aunt made the best coconut ice candy, i can still remember how creamy + yummy it was…mine are getting close. do you have a favorite popsicle recipe?

here are few other lovelies from the week:
-lucy had a dr. visit, her weight + height are
almost the same, making her a square
-rhubarb coffee cake baking
-seeing an end to a crazy situation
-dreaming of the country
-my favorite fanny pac broke
-dave got pneumonia + is now on the mend
-long morning walks around the lake
-helping a friend turn bootcut jeans into
skinny jeans! super easy.


today and everyday

not a single day has gone by that i haven’t thought of aaron, i have a photo of him on the fridge where it looks like he is chanting ‘ohm’, it reminds me everyday to breath and to trust my struggles, no matter what they are. he was a part of our everyday lives, he was uncle aaron, always there with a beaming smile and a warmth that filled any room. he trusted his journey and walked through life with a humor and grace that will forever affect my family. although we miss him, painfully so, but we feel so blessed to have share our lives with him, and his with ours, it was seriously one of the biggest honor of our lives.


mom visit

my mom was in town last week for the first time in a long while. we were able to take in a few sites, ride the ferry over to bainbridge, have an all girls high tea and do a little shopping. my mom played, read books, got woken up early, was interviewed by a classroom full of kindergarteners and was reminded of what life is like with a house full of family. we laughed, ate nachos as a midnite snack, watched movies and ate dave’s famous popcorn. it was a good trip, hopefully she’ll come back soon.


fruit rolls

as a treat to share at school, miss bean wanted to bring fruit rolls. they are easy to make, waiting for them to dry is the hardest part, eating them is the best part! they even got the teacher’s seal of approval!

fruit rolls
4c fruit of choice
2 bananas
1/4 – 1/2c white grape juice depending on fruit

puree until smooth, the consistency should be somewhat thick. taste to test sweetness, you can add maple syrup if needed. spread evenly with an offset spatula onto a silpat lined baking sheet (unbleached parchment should work too), about 1/8 in thick. dehydrate at 140 degrees for 6hrs or set oven to the lowest setting, with door cracked, for the same amount of time or until the fruit is tacky to the touch but not hard. peel off baking sheet and cut the dried fruit and parchment into 2 inch strips, roll and tape to seal. store in airtight container. unroll to eat. smile.

experiment with other fruit combos, we used mixed berries and bananas, i may even sneak a bit of greens into the next batch.



here are the notes we passed around the space needle. there are few things on the seattle to do list that we haven’t done, we just might have to put them on our to do list.


space needle

her wish was to eat at the space needle, so we did, on mother’s day. we left notes on the sill for others to answer as the restaurant floor makes a complete rotation every 47 minutes. we explored the city with a bird’s eye view. it was everything i wanted it to be and so worth the 6 year wait to take her there. and take a look at the amazing birthday sundae!