Monthly Archives: June 2012


our first batch of kraut is sitting in the crock and on its way to fermentation goodness. i have had my eye on this book for a while and finally got myself a copy, there are many things that i already want to make but am starting with the most basic of recipes. i love waking and seeing a ceramic crock draped in a cotton cloth, there is something very romantic + rustic about the whole thing. i am interested in the whole well body aspect of fermentation: the probiotics, welcoming the yeast + bacteria in our environment to aid in digestion and anti allergy properties, to the simplistic nature of preserving foods- the way people have done for hundreds of years, no fancy equipment or contraptions just one’s self, the land, the environment and getting to really know our food. i’ll keep you posted on the recipes and things to come…



we were super lucky to have friends, who are more like family, come up and stay for a long weekend. we have known the b family since the girls where in their momma’s bellies, our friendship is pure and our love for each other is deep. our weekend was packed with joyful screams, early morning movies wrapped up in blankets, eating rainier cherries, late nite talks sitting around the fire. on sunday we went to the farmer’s market where the kids were given fiber so we went home and felted it, for dinner we bbq’d in the rain, drank bottles of wine and relaxed. it feels good to fill a house with friends and blessings and good juju.


mountain summer

a recent turn of events has allowed us the opportunity to stay in a house in the mountains for the summer. we are quickly adjusting a slower pace of life- full of homesteading, learning to ferment, hikes, reading books in a hammock and exploring the forest around us. i am finding so much beauty in the simplicity of it all, without having to fill up my date book with all sorts of activities that i can see how one could get accustom to such living. we’ll see by summer’s end if i still feel the same, but thus far the productivity has been abundant both on a personal level and on the house. and how can one wake up ungrateful when you awake to bird songs and look out the window to see endless amounts of evergreens.



back home after a tremendously long day of traveling + delayed flights, arrived home at 2am and was up early for mom duties. tired, tan + thankful.



this is my sister in law, she has known me since i was 9. today is her birthday. she is so patient, ever loving and kind. she showed dave + i the way in early parenthood, she has given our family four of our favorite kids in the world and she constantly sees the good in any situation. she tries new things and pushes herself out of her comfort zone no matter how uncomfortable or unknown it may be. she understands. she is able to see the best in people and has one of the best laughs i know. we are proud to call her family and the matriarch of our family. we wish you the happiest birthday ever and can’t wait to see where the journey of life takes you, you deserve the world and so much more…like a whole weekend off! we love you. xoxo

and now i am also off to palm springs for some sun + fun with my adventure girlfriend! i can hardly contain myself i am so excited!