Monthly Archives: July 2012

happy friday!

i am off this weekend to one of the islands to help shoot a wedding and will be hanging around seattle when i’m not working. i am dreaming of cupcakes, a good coffee drink. hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



there is something about this age that could use a pause buttton, the transformation between 5 and 6 is overwhelmingly beautiful and bittersweet.


sushi dinner

we usually take turns picking out a friday nite restaurant but with limited choices up here we have now opted to picking out a fancy dinner that we can all make together as a family. last weekend we invited aunt suj and uncle jim to join us for a sushi dinner, made by us. (spicy tuna, sashimi, tamago, tuna + mango rolls and california rolls)


lovely things

the new neighborhood band, practicing on the front stoop. its been a real lazy week around here, reading, relaxing, playing with the neighbor kids and venturing out to neighboring towns. temps reached into the upper 90’s this week which is a very welcome change from the seattle gloom.

a few added lovelies:
-finding a super secret swimming pool near by
-happy to find a place (kinda) close for bulk foods
-booking a wedding
-getting reacquainted with dave
-having the neighbors over for movie nite
-a 10+ mile family bike ride
-feeling free

hope you find your lovelies list.


wilderness camp


last week dave took some time off and we decided it would be a nice treat for lucy if they did a little wilderness camp together. we collected some hiking essentials, got fishing licenses, planned an agenda + packed her pack. they had an incredible time and came home everyday bursting with laughter, huge grins and stories of their adventures. she learned a lot and on the final day we celebrated by making s’mores!

her agenda
day one: mapping + fire building
day two: fishing + water
day three: shelter + tracks
day four: flora fauna + making tools

she completed every task, except for catching a fish, and was eager every morning to start their adventure. now she can’t wait to go camping to put all her knowledge to good use, especially to build the campfire.