lunches m-f

her: yogurt with granola, almonds, honey, ube roll, apple, cukes – me: pearly barley, sauteed nettles with garlic + onions, egg, soy + rice vinegar

her: veggie roll up with cream cheese + hummos, avo with rice vinegar, apple, popcorn, fruit leather- me: leftover dukbokki

her: apple almond butter granola sandwich, cheese wedge, celery, cashews + raisins, almond milk – me: yogurt, blueberries, bananas, granola, cinnamon

her: almond + apple butter sandwich, mango, carrots and dip, animal crackers – me: kale salad, avo, apples, raisins, hemp seeds, tahini dressing, bagel chips

her: hard boiled egg + mayo, cheese wedge, bagel chips, celery and almond butter, apples – me: toast, hard boiled egg, cheese wedge, tomato

just a little offering of what lunches look like over here, hopefully you get a few ideas + i would LOVE to hear some of yours! lord knows i could use a few more tricks for my lunch packing skills.


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