much talk of ghosts and spirits and the likes happening at school these days, leading to many nites sleeping under the covers and midnite trips to mom + dad’s bed. too much of which i understand and remember. so this weekend we did a cleaning, we smudged with sweetgrass, left the windows wide open and made a batch of rosewater, which, to delight, leaves the whole house smelling of sweet florals. things are at peace and everyone is sleeping soundly. after hours of simmering rose petals i decided to make some beads, the are drying on a wire hanging from our curtain rod and i am growing rather fond of them just as they are.

additional thanks for:
-a saturday full of adventure
-visiting a street fair
-home brewed (not by me) rhubarb gingerbeer
-farmers market in the pnw mist
-neon nails + grey skies
-impromptu shopping
-finding the perfect sun hat for palm springs
-exploring the city hand in hand
-brunch at smith
-sunday dinner by the boy
-dreaming of what’s to come…


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