this is my sister in law, she has known me since i was 9. today is her birthday. she is so patient, ever loving and kind. she showed dave + i the way in early parenthood, she has given our family four of our favorite kids in the world and she constantly sees the good in any situation. she tries new things and pushes herself out of her comfort zone no matter how uncomfortable or unknown it may be. she understands. she is able to see the best in people and has one of the best laughs i know. we are proud to call her family and the matriarch of our family. we wish you the happiest birthday ever and can’t wait to see where the journey of life takes you, you deserve the world and so much more…like a whole weekend off! we love you. xoxo

and now i am also off to palm springs for some sun + fun with my adventure girlfriend! i can hardly contain myself i am so excited!


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  1. Michelle

    Wow! I’m totally surprised to be featured in a blog post. What an awesome birthday present. You words are way way too kind and make me feel extra extra special. Hugs!!!!


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