our life /// a bit of our story

Des & Dave, Vow Renewal from James Moes on Vimeo.

when dave and i decided to marry we also decided that we would renew our vows after 10 years, not out of want but out of necessity. the two of us got engaged 3 days after going out on our first date together, we just knew instantly that we had each found the partner we had been looking for. we instantly moved in together and started planning a wedding, eight months later we were married. we both knew at that the time that our promises to each other would deepen, grow and hold more meaning as the years passed. and so they did, through every twist and turn, bump and bruise, our marriage means more to us now then it did when we first started. our love for one another has changed, it is sweeter, stronger and today feels like it could hold for a thousand years.

so on our 10th anniversary, we renewed ourselves and our vows to each other in the presence of lucy, our growing baby in my belly and in front of our beautifully talented photographer and story teller friend, james. this is only part of our story and our marriage but thankfully its one of the sweetest.



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