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/ The lovely list is a simple collection of things that I am thankful for from the past week. Its a lovely way to start the new week off with a sense of gratitude and appreciation of things big and small and random./

I am trying to find the beauty in not having a schedule and letting my little ones dictate the way our days go. There have been too many hours in front of the computer only to look down at my nursing baby to see a giant smile on her face. I surely don’t want to miss these moments or time with my eldest daughter who is constantly creating, imagining and engaging. I recently read this article where a mom writes about not telling her kids to ‘hurry up’ anymore, I am working on ‘I’m almost finished’.  There are things in life that will never be finished, being a mom is never ending, it can be an all consuming giant chore if I let it (cleaning, meals, cleaning, planning, etc..) but I do need to make the space in life to get on the floor and play with my kids more, to get outside with no agenda, to just let the sink fill with dishes and forget about it. This is a gift that I need to receive from my daughters, the art of slowness. When I look back at my life I won’t pride myself in a spotless house or on how many beautiful photos I’ve taken, it will be in the joy of knowing that I gave my whole heart to those I love, my undivided attention, especially when there was no special reason other than it was just too fun not to. I hope that you are able to take a little slower pace this week, especially as summer is coming to an end and the new school year is approaching. And next time someone asks, “where did the time go?”, you’ll know exactly where it went.

a few blessing from the past week:
-enjoying a glass of white wine with a friend, in the middle of the day
-a play date for lucy with a kindred spirit
-preparing for an upcoming week filled with grandparents meeting their new grandbaby
-thankful for making progress in my new brand/site/work
-planning a trip to the Philippines in the near future
-lucky that my mom sends me things from her garden even though we are states away
-cutting our food budget in nearly half without sacrificing healthiness
-quite evenings working alongside the mister

striped ice recipe here, so worth the effort.


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