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rituals | workhouseblogOne of my favorite rituals that we have established happened many years ago early in our marriage. Most people know that Dave and I got married very shortly after meeting one another, in the hopes of nurturing our relationship and really getting to know each other we decided that once we were both home from work we wouldn’t take any phone calls, check emails or turn on the t.v. until 8pm. That gave us 2+ hours of uninterrupted  attention. This ritual has held fast even after having children, something that I’m happy to have stick around. And although our jobs are different, some are more demanding than others, technology has drastically changed and the world around us delivers communication in an instant this ritual provides our family with the comfort of knowing that after dinner, its just us time. Time that we cherish every minute of and use wholeheartedly. Its a nice feeling to fill that time in our home with laughter, crazy amounts of unabashed playing, dance parties, story telling and love, a ritual we could all invite more into our lives.

And even when there are the occasional deadlines to meet, phone calls that need to be answered, dinners with friends to be had, we are mindful of where these precious minutes go. Even if all else fails and time slips from our hands, Dave and I try our darndest to save the last half hour of the night for ourselves, to chat about life, the day or even if it happens to be in front of the t.v. with a bowl of his delicious popcorn. In the end all we have to answer for is the amount of time we gave to the people who fill our hearts, wholly and completely.

To create this ritual for yourself be mindful of where your time goes when your whole family is together. Life is full and busy but by taking a few minutes or hours in the day to connect with those that share your life and your home can only help things thrive. Start off with 30 minutes and see where it takes you.


5 thoughts on “rituals // 02

    1. des Post author

      yes, in a world so ready to give you a distraction from life its nice to know that the people who count come first.

  1. Alison

    I love this. But I fear my husband would never go for it 🙁 He is glued to his phone. I, on the other hand, see these distractions and don’t usually have TV on during the day AND just this week swapped my iPhone for a ‘dumb phone’.
    I can see all the time it sucked out of my life so clearly now that it’s gone.
    Thank you for this reminder

    1. des Post author

      Ah, a dumb phone, I love it! I have often thought about ridding myself of my iphone as well. Technology is both a gift and curse, its amazing how I seem to lose myself when I am browsing, I can’t even tell you what is going on around me for those few moments in time. Its such a mind suck.


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