mindful living // no. 2

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Mindful Living: nurturing the relationships that nurture you

This is a biggie, especially because I am a super social person by nature, I love hearing other peoples experiences and stories and just plain love to chat. I will talk to anyone and will most likely invite you over for dinner if we really hit it off, no matter where we meet. Being married to someone who is the complete opposite of that reminds me to be mindful of where I am putting my emotional energy: does it nurture me, does it feed my soul, is it necessary?

A couple years ago I made a resolution to nurture the relationships that nurtured me. To put a conscious effort in connecting with those already around me who are important to me, to let them know they are important to me and worth the work of maintaining a healthy friendship. Its as simple as calling every Monday, writing an email when my heart calls, sending a text for no other reason than letting them know I was thinking of them and more importantly making time for them. The benefits have blessed me more than I can count, it has made those relationships that much more stronger and beautiful. It has allowed me to be vulnerable with those closest to me, showing my imperfections and letting others, that I truly trust, to hold me up in time of need. I am ever thankful for the open conversations that have occurred, the amount of honest living that has been obtained and for the friendships that are now more like family. I have realized that I cannot spend time with everyone I come across but I can make time for the people in my life that I want to keep close and love. And still occasionally invite a welcomed stranger to meet over coffee or cocktails.

Spend a little extra time thinking about where you’re putting your energy in your friendships. Which relationships are feeding you and are you able to give back to them in return? Pay attention to spreading yourself too thin and focus on the people that really make life what it is. Taking note of what makes those around you feel special and then take the time to do it.


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