weekend // my birthday

f. scott fitzgerald

Happy weekend, friends! Fall is here and it has made itself known this week, the crisp air, the leaves are changing into fiery reds, golden yellows and vibrant oranges, stormy nites and vibrant skies. It is also my birthday this weekend. With the season change I am feeling a bit more reflective; fall is when the old is shed, things begin to hibernate and allowed a break from life. This year I am noticing my need for the same, when I was younger a party was a great way to celebrate the a new year but as I age I l find comfort in the simple and in things with meaning. I usually do a little meditation at midnight on my birthday to release the past and set an intention for the new, it has served me well. But as I write my family is still waiting to see what I’d like to do for the day: go to the state fair, a day hike, a day at the beach, a special dinner..but I have yet to decide. I might play the whole thing by ear which is totally unlike my virgo nature. Enjoy your weekend, I do know that there is a delicious raw cheesecake in my near future!


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