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Coming down from an incredible high after spending some much needed family time in the wilderness. We spent our days exploring the island, hiking, eating, taking midnight walks through the woods, playing in the phosphorescent waters, reading books late into the night with headlamps and eating midnite snacks in bed. Doe Bay is an absolute treasure and we have since decided to make this an annual trip as its the perfect way to end the summer. There is something enchanting about sleeping in a yurt with the waves slowly splashing against the cove, it seemed to have cast a spell on us, allowing us to let go and just melt into the whole experience. Lucy, by far, loved loved loved the spa. She was able to spend hours soaking and steaming, she is a girl after my own heart, those that came in contact with her were amazed by her free spirit and her ability to be that still for that long. The baby seemed captivated by being in the woods, feeling the mist on her face and pleasantly surprised by pebble beach beneath her feet. Being outdoors by water with each other takes our stress levels down several notches and gives us back the harmony that everyday life makes you scramble for some times. We feel extremely lucky to  live in such a beautiful place and to have it all at the (almost) foot of our door.

Happy Friday!


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