weekend // the niece

This girl. I have witnessed what once was a sweet serious little toddler girl turn into an intelligent, outspoken, strong, lovely woman. Today my niece turns 18! I was there the day after she was born, a day it actually snowed in the desert, and she had the most hair I have ever seen on a newborn. She was the first fresh baby I had ever met in my life up until then and that meeting will forever be a heart filling moment I will never forget. I was honored to be there that day and I am honored to celebrate with her and our family on the day she enters into womanhood. We have shared joys, sorrows, spats, crazy nonsensical fits of laughter, late night talks and a million inside jokes. I love this being more than words could ever say; because of her I have learned how to be a mother to daughters, because of her I have learned that I am not fully prepared for female teenagedom and there are some personal things I need to work on, because of her I know the sheer power of a strong, determined person. This girl can kill a stack of books like no one’s business, can laugh at herself and is an amazing cousin to my girls. She possesses integrity and holds fast to her standards. She is one to pave a path of her own and definitely marches to the beat of her own heart. We feel so lucky to be experiencing this life with her and to see and hear the world through her. She is a creative being ready to take on the world and we have no doubt she will achieve even the grandest of dreams and may even possibly change the world.

Happy 18th Birthday, Lauren! We love you 7 times around the Sun and more. We cannot wait to celebrate you and all the possibilities that are about to be born! You are amazing and we’re happy to see where this life takes you! xoxo.


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