anaïs // five months

birdie IMG_0606-9IMG_0616-18 IMG_0617-19 IMG_0624-23Dear Sweet Anaïs,

You are filling our home with all sorts of baby goodness. I am usually more of a toddler fan but you my dear, have made a baby believer out of me. I am fully enthralled by you that all the sleepless nights and high pitched screams seem to be forgotten by morning.  Your darling baby coos, squeals and laughter pierce straight to my heart making me feel the utter joys of mothering. The first thing you do every morning is give us a giant smile followed by a tiny giggle. You love holding our faces as your delicate fingers dance around our mouths, eyes and cheeks. You are learning the word ‘gentle’ and already associate that 1-2-3 will be follow by something fun or funny.

You are totally attached to my hip at the moment only letting me put you down for what feels like mere minutes at a time, as soon a you get a glimpse of me, I am all you want. You are able to put yourself to sleep but soothing yourself is something that I know will only come in time. You have started eating and we have yet to find something that you won’t automatically stick in your mouth. Your favorite toys are all toroid in shape as your hands seem to find ease in holding them.You find comfort in the warmth of my neck and seem to need to hold something soft in your hands when you are sleepy. You talk to your sister about all sorts of silly things and she makes you laugh with the quickest of ease, this I love.

We are now able to have some time apart and all I hear is praise in how well you do, this makes me proud but also makes me aware of just how quickly babyhood can pass. Everyday I am in awe with you and your sister and how beautiful your relationship already is, the power of sisters is an incredible thing to watch and experience. You are truly loved and wanted.


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