50 / 50 project

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Hello Friends! Thanks to everyone for their continued support on this memorable project. Lucy is making friends across the country, finding out that we are all more connected to each other than one would first think. This is currently what our map looks like. We are still looking for connections in: Kansas, Delaware, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Vermont and Georgia. All other states are in the works but could thing could change at any moment. Lucy is learning all sorts of life lessons through this project including one of being stood up, but she easily brushes it off and then we are out to look for another lead. So if you or someone you know who might be willing to help out in any of the unmarked states, please contact us via the contact link above or in the comments below.

We are gathering all of our info, stories and facts in one place and looking forward to sharing the final project with everyone!


3 thoughts on “50 / 50 project

  1. Matt Gonsiewski


    Michelle Haigh directed me to this. I currently live in WA, but I just moved here from SC! If that’s ok, just let me know.

  2. Stacey Peets

    Aimee Hagerty Johnson posted this on her Facebook page– I live in Vermont, and would be happy to talk to Lucy. Please email me to set up a time.


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