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The lovely list today is two fold; part gratitude, part recipe…and then thankfulness for said recipe, so it all comes full circle, or could just be the head cold, teething baby woes, lack of sleep talking. This past week has completely depleted my energy reserves, the stuff that keeps everything together even when things are difficult- mine are shot! We all have been fighting this cold and the baby is teething, fussy, unhappy, not sleeping which make my days feel like 72hrs instead of 24. My days and nights feel the same, everything is a blur and I am not able to get away to give myself time to restore and rejuvenate my reserves. I am finding myself snappy, telling everyone in my home how hard mothering is and feeling like I am scrambling to find 10 minutes for myself, somewhere, anywhere. That all being said, I know this is something that will pass but while you’re in it, its sometimes hard to see the end or even think that other people (that would be people who are not moms) get what this is like. It can quickly spiral inward into a world of self pity and the overwhelmed.  I know sleep can quickly change this all, so would a good date night or an evening with girlfriends who make your life feel like you’re in Sex in the City. So the mix of not feeling well, wanting my life back, fussy teething baby and lack of sleep has brought me the kitchen to make something that will bring relief, comfort to us all and is a quick home remedy. I suppose a glass of whiskey would offer some of the same benefits, for myself.


5 tbsp. extra virgin coconut oil (a natural anti-viral)

1 tbsp.  sweet almond or olive oil

2 tbsp. beeswax (chopped or grated)

8 – 10 drops eucalyptus

15 – 20 drops rosemary oil (I infuse my own by taking a few sprigs and frying them in olive oil, you know its done when the leaves have turned brown but are not burnt)

In a small pan, melt the coconut and olive oil.  Add the beeswax, stir until melted.  Add the essential oils and stir to combine. Pour into glass jar and allow to cool.

I sometimes I also add tea tree, lemon, peppermint or clove oil (no more than 2 drops) to the recipe above.

|*Please note: Do not add peppermint oil if this is going to be used on babies or small children*|

I apply it to our chests and slather it on our feet, cover with socks and enjoy the benefits of cough relief.

Here’s to sniffle free days, sad baby woes be gone and to mom getting some much needed time to herself without having to answer a single question, pick up a thing and having her body all to her own for a bit. Be well and stay healthy.


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