motherhood // on creating

Every year I make a simple little ornament for Lucy, the tradition now continues with Anaïs. While I was sewing these my heart was overcome with love and gratitude for the special beings in my life, two women who show me everyday that beauty is wholehearted, they love me with pure gentleness. I, in return, make them things with my hands- all while holding the intention of love and their well being in my heart.  When I was sewing  I started to question why it is so important for me to make things, to have these offerings for my children, I sat there for a moment and thought of the history of my own life.

The Christmas season has been a bittersweet holiday for me, my father passed away, in the early morning hours of Dec 26th when I was 9. He held a lot of the holiday traditions for our family: the baking, the Christmas music and of course the magic of Santa Claus, he was the cornerstone of my life. In the years after his passing I had a longing for those things but they never really seemed to come back in their true form, until I became a mother. I too, want to give these beloved gifts to my daughters, to revisit the things that I learned from my father that made this time of year so special for me.  So with not only creating traditions around the season, I feel extra moved to create things that are tangible for them, a lasting memory that they get to take with them when the grow up, items that hold a story for them that they can pass down and treasure. I am an artist, my love is shown through my creativity whether it be through a photo, a knitted sweater, a recipe or a simple ornament. This love is shared with my family and and friends; now when I look at my Christmas tree I am not only reminded of this but of my father and everything is now a whole lot sweeter.


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