anaïs / month seven

anaïs / 7 monthsThe beauty of this child’s happiness surpasses all the hardships of being a middle aged mom homeschooling an older child. Anaïs is observant, careful with whom she choses to go to and will eat anything we put in front of her. Her breath still smells of milky sweetness and softness of those cheeks against your own are what life’s about. She is now saying, ‘momma, mom, momma”, over and over again, working on her evolving crawl and is trying to figure out the workings of her intriguing older sister. She is delighted by the sound of the keys in the door when dad comes home from work and can’t wait to be held by him. Her perfect day would be to nurse all day and be worn by mom, simple as that. We are thrilled to show her the wonders of the holidays and to introduce her to our beloved traditions.


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