merry christmas // a gift for you


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I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful entrance into 2014! I have a little gift for all of my readers as we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome the world of possiblities in the New Year. After being gifted a similar workbook and having read several books this year, I have been inspired to write a workbook of my own to help release the old and invite the new through setting some goals and intentions.  Please download a free copy of The Workbook 2014 and fill out the pages that speak to you and feel free to pay it forward to anyone. I hope it gives you some sort of insight to what you envision for yourself as we move onto another year.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, may it be filled with light and surround you in love. I will be taking some time off from blogging to spend time with my family and some very special friends but I will return in the new year with a bit of a new look and a new portrait project. Till then! xo



4 thoughts on “merry christmas // a gift for you

  1. suji akai

    i must thank you for carving out time from your life to make time for us and deliver this treasure.
    this workbook is a true gift from the heart, not only inspiring but a guidepost for honest intention in 2014. your thoughtfulness and thoroughness of each orchestrated page are visually stimulating and even more inviting. you have given me the space to explore my vulnerabilities + face my fears + realize my dreams and make them dreams no more.

    Bravo! act locally and think globally…you have achieved exactly that.
    xo my sage sister!

    1. des Post author

      SUJI, my goodness what can I say to that but a big giant thank you! My heart is overcome with happiness just reading that and knowing that I created something that speaks so strongly and clearly to you. I can’t wait to see where it all takes you…and me. xo

  2. sarah

    Thank you so much for this lovely, inspiring gift. I sat down to print out several copies to put in special binders to gift to special people. I wasn’t going to print mine tonight because I couldn’t decide what kind of fancy paper to use. Then I found a generous amount of really nice paper that I forgot I had and decided to go for it. Turns out there was the exact amount of paper to print the entire workbook and not a page left to spare! Quite a happy omen heading into 2014, if I do say so myself. Happy Christmas and I know I will see you in the year ahead. Cheers!

    1. des Post author

      Oh Sarah, I am so blessed right now, there is so many sweet things pouring in over this workbook, what a great way to enter into a new year. I actually got to watch my sister in law tonight read the whole thing in front of me with tears in her eyes. I feel so honored to have made this and for people to actually get the intention behind it. I love that you are giving it away! And yes, of course I will be seeing you in the 2014! xo


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