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These are the kind of sweaters that make childhood a bit more enchanting and wondrous. The kind of thing that collects pine needles as you wander through the woods and comes home smelling of the sea with sleeve cuffs so tattered from collecting treasures and digging in the earth. An object so loved that the moth holes are loving patched with scrap yarn and every snag or missing button has a story to go along with it. An article that brings back so many magical memories of childhood when you stumble upon a photograph of it as an adult.

For the past several years I have tried my best to make at least one sweater a year for each girl. This year it was the Cascade, Miss Beans really wanted matching sweaters with her sister and as I am sure this phase will be short lived, due to their age difference,  I was happy to comply. Miss Beans and I discussed colorways and then I hand dyed the yarn for each sweater: Miss Beans’ is grey logwood  and the baby’s is purple logwood with a touch of lac, I will say that adding a bit of cream of tarter to the mordant made the yarn super soft.  The sweaters are beautiful, cozy and so sweet on each of their owners. The pattern is a raglan knit cardigan which was quick and fairly easy to adjust to a size 8.

They are proudly worn (almost) everyday and nothing could make this momma happier than knowing that they were knitted with love and the best of intentions.


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