marriage // year eleven

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Marriage is an incredible thing, the amount of courage, vulnerability and trust that you have to have with another person is a tremendous feat. The ins and outs of the daily routine can cause    romance to walk right out the room but the spontaneity it creates can be both thrilling and reassuring that love will somehow last. Last through the sleepless nights of a teething baby, through the reminders every Thursday evening that its trash night, through the mind numbing trance of watching The Bachelor, through the grocery shopping, the dishes, the everything, Dave is the one person I can see doing all these things with. It may not always not be as glamourous or extravagant as I had envisioned love in my early 20’s and its but its solid, through and through, tried and true and so much better than any fairytale that I had created. This is going to last- long after my hair has silvered, long after our girls have grown up, long after our memories start to fade, this is the person I was destined to be with, to share my life with through the mundane, the beauty and the ugly. We have learned the ins and out of what our marriage needs to stay healthy and in time that will again change but for now the sweetness of its love it right where I want to be.

This weekend Dave and I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary together with our girls and good friends (Superbowl is happening too), after last year’s renewals and Anaïs’ arrival, we are keeping things pretty low key around here. On Sunday a good friend will be hanging with the girls so I can make Dave’s wish to eat at a local breakfast place come true, we used go there all the time before we had kids, it has the best egg benny, endless cups of dark roast coffee, is small and quaint and kid unfriendly. Afterwards  all of us will heading to  Ba Bar  because all I want to do is eat a cronut in every flavor, our dreams are simple but so attainable.

I so love you, David Kim and am so thankful for your patience, understanding and never ending quest to make sure my dreams come true. xo



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