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The second part of our series is going to focus on the most important part of taking any photo: LIGHT. It is the essential part of photography and what gives life to any exposure. I also want to say  that I would love to see any images you’ve shot while following this series.  If you’re on instagram #workhouseblog or if you have a blog please be sure to leave a link in the comments!

Tip No. 2

Turn off your camera’s flash and use natural light, it’s the most forgiving, the most flattering and you can use it to create dynamic compositions. Indirect light is the simplest and easiest to work with when first starting out, try sitting your subject facing towards a window.  Look at where shadows lay, where the light falls on your subject and where you are in relation to the light. Photographers use the light at the “golden hour” which is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day to create those magical ethereal images that we all know and love.  Indoor lighting is the least forgiving and most bothersome, just try to avoid it for the time being.

This week try putting your subject in different lighting situations. What happens when you put your subject in front of your light source (backlit)? What happens when your light source is filtered (e.g. lace curtains, trees or window)? What about direct overhead sunlight; what part of your subject is lit, where are the shadows? The afternoon sun is the hardest to work with but something as easy as moving into a shady spot can resolve the issue. Use shadows to your advantage to create an interesting composition. Try shooting the same image in the same spot at different times throughout the day or week. Play around, there’s a delete button so no harm, no foul.

Use this tip too when you’re using Instagram, which is a wonderful tool for honing your eye. Adding up all these little tips, one at a time, will help your eye evolve and let your images have a voice.

A good photograph is knowing where to stand – Ansel Adams

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2 thoughts on “cameras + children // light

  1. Meghan

    That second-to-last photo swooned me over. There’s so much emotion, with so little to tell of it. She is absolutely stunning, as is your photography. Thank you for the lesson, both visually and through your instruction. This post is simply inspiring.

    1. des Post author

      Thanks, Meghan! She was in awe of her new baby sister who was just a few days old. The light and her face were perfect. Thanks too for following the series! Please be sure to share some photos, I’d love to see them.


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