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We recently went to the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival  and Miss Beans had the opportunity to weave on a floor loom, she has talked about it ever since. For homeschooling  she gets to pick a craft or art to work/learn for the month, this month its weaving, obviously. We have started very small and made a simple cardboard loom to for her to get a sense and feel for weaving. (EXCELLENT tutorial here!). This is keeping her occupied for long stretches of time, I am finding that she is quite happy practicing this way making little rugs for fairy homes.




2 thoughts on “make // little weavings

  1. des Post author

    Oh yay! So glad you two did a little weaving! I am wanting to make a little wall hanging for my room, too! Hopefully this week.

  2. sd

    Amelia and I saw this post yesterday and INSTANTLY got out the basket of leftover yarn balls, some file folders (which I do not recommend for a loom!) and went to town. I made a lovely, tiny wall hanging for my room & she made a beautiful piece that she gifted to our neighbors. She then started another one for herself. We had the best day making these together, thanks so much for sharing this!


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