gratitude // list no. 13

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A delightfully, boring but fruitful weekend. I have wanted to return to my weekly gratitude lists but have been finding it challenging to come up with pleasentries when I feel like my resources are tapped out, I’m tired and the commitment of the 52 project has taken the usual Monday spot. Most likely this is the best time to do so, to recognize the goodness around me especially when life too full and so silly to think that it can’t happen on any other day. So here is it a (semi) commitment to try and get a lovely list up every week of things that I am thankful for; no matter how big or small, how personal or not, however hard or easy it may come to me. I will start today and I hope that you will join me in taking a moment before the start of the week to reflect on the past week and find little treasures that fill your heart.

-celebrating my niece’s 5th birthday
-being super productive while unplugged
-inspired to take a leap and wish for the best
-excited to share a new blog series later this week
-having a sleepover with a friend
-getting 2(!) milkshakes in one weekend. Hello, miso butterscotch!
-spending some much needed alone time with Miss Beans, we went to a gigantic used bookstore and she mentioned it smelled of marshmallows, shows you her sweet spot for books.
-the baby finally slept 7 hours straight, for one night only but that’s a start, right?!?

What would make it onto your list this week?


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