gratitude // list no. 14

juThis weekend we were given ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz‘ audiobook by a good friend, Lucy and I spent the better half of our rainy Saturday working on paintings and listening to the story.  We sat next to each other cramped on my small desk working, completely enthralled in the story (Miss Beans has yet to see the movie). It was so lovely to spend that much time with her, even in silence. On Sunday we each hung up our paintings in her room, the fruits of our labour. I soon realized that it won’t be the elaborate crafts planned, the small birthday party details, the carefully executed outings that my children will look back and cherish. It will be in the ordinary, rainy days painting next to mom on her little desk listening to one of the most magical stories ever that will make an impression, all the other things are just bells and whistles.

In honor of this, I will try to lower my expectations as a parent and take in the most modest of moments: the requests for cuddles, playing on the floor, helping me cook and the sure fire “one more book” as giant feats and be happy in knowing that my time is the biggest gift I can give my children, that and frequent giggling…and random dance parties in the kitchen. That I can do.

This week allow yourself to lower your expectations you have about being the ideal parent and just let them be little and take their lead. Breathe in the freedom.

A couple acknowledgments from the past week-
-Lucy received her official NOLA King Cake, shared it with cousins, found the baby and was designated King for the day
-working on our winter neglected yard in preparation for a garden
-a partner willing to do the weekly grocery shopping with the baby in tow
-getting lots of blog love from fellow bloggers
-setting a few big picture goals
-that there is still light out after dinner
-waking up to a few treats from my favorite bakery, accompanied with coffee in bed.
-learning to settle my feelings of angst; letting go of my dreaded, imaginary life timeline of accomplishments (you feel me?)
-satisfied with our simple life and the beauty in knowing that we just love the heck out of each other

Its funny that once I take a moment to acknowledge the abundance in our lives do I really notice its value and my heart feels full.  I’d love to hear what kind of things you’re thankful this Monday, share what adds value to your life and makes your heart burst.


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