gratitude // no.14

workhouseblog | instagram My attitude this past weekend wasn’t quite what I expected it to be. Ugh, I wasted most of it being in a terrible mood, chalk it up to an extreme lack of sleep, fighting with the mister, feeling like I’m burning the candle at both ends yet still not doing enough. I ended up just disconnecting with everyone and everything. I might have used the word ‘hate’ silently a few times. Thankfully I had a float, a massage and a chocolate malt to turn things around. Saturday evening, things started to change but the weight of it all on my heart had left an impression. Sunday things settled and I started to feel a bit more normal, I skyped with a good friend, edited photos and felt like I gained a bit of myself back, the self that isn’t a mom or partner, the part that is just me. I find that holding that space and time for myself is important, being a mom and a partner is a full time whole heart experience but taking a break to be the person that came before all of it is necessary for me. It gives me the ability to nurture the things that make me special and gives me a sense of self. Sometimes its a easy as having a cup of coffee and working through a card of images to get me back into feeling like I belong and that I’m worthy or sometimes its browsing the entire internet in bed that does the trick!

Ever have those moments in life when you lose sense of yourself and end up disconnecting with everything? What do you do to get back on track?

Here are some more positive lovelies to make this week’s list:
-the mister baking homemade soft pretzels
-spotting 2 bald eagles
-an amazing float experience- before/after shots here
-a family slumber party
-brown rice bowl dinner, a family fave
-a clean house
-slow rainy sunday
-hot cups of coffee and warm cups of tea
-bad moods that teach you a bit more about yourself
-a space to write about it all
-a little extra time with the mister on this monday morning


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