gratitude // no. 15

gratitude no. 15 // workhouseblog

/ The gratitude list is a simple collection of things that I am thankful for from the past week. Its a lovely way to start the new week off with a sense of gratitude and an appreciation of things big and small and random./

Thankful for spring’s pleasant return, the bright blues skies have replaced the grey wet ones for now. It is remarkable how being able to go outside every. single. day. can change the my attitude and the dynamic within the girls. The fresh air, taking the time to literally stop to smell the roses and gathering as many nature finds as one can muster does good for the soul. The natural source of vitamin D doesn’t hurt either. Now that spring has finally arrived its time to tidy things up a bit. We spent our weekend working in the yard and started the task of spring cleaning and organizing. I always enjoy a good house purge this time of year.

I also want to acknowledge all of my new visitors, thanks to Jodi. Welcome! Thank you for being here, please hang out for a bit and make yourself home. If introducing yourself is your thing, it would be lovely to meet you.

Here are a few more things that made the list:
-planning a backyard garden
-having a cocktail with a good friend (via video) to mark a tremendous personal feat
-getting another friend in a float tank
-the smell of a sweaty baby sleeping on my chest
-an open hearted talk about intimacy and marriage with the mister
-letting this time of transition be one of growth and rejuvenation
-after watching lucy do about 1000 cartwheels this week I think she finally nailed it
-an extra hot matcha latte


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