anaïs // month eleven

birdie 11 months | workhouseblogDelightfully humorous to balance out her strong willed nature which she is quite vocal about, this little one is eleven months! It is true that it all flies by the second time around, every phase is shorter, every milestone is here and gone before we know it.  Anaïs is every bit of fire that we were lacking in our family. She speaks her mind and is not afraid of taking risks or tasting every bit of the world. She is strong, both in and out. She loves her father, her sister makes her the happiest and laughs the hardest. As for me, she adores me and finds my being a place a of calming comfort. She loves to eat but must feed herself. She loves loves music both listening to and making. She is on the verge of walking, giving us little teasers by taking a step and then falling on her bum. We are so excited to see her personality evolve and for her to show us who she is, especially when her words start to come out.

Sweet Bird, we love you so much and are blessed to have your wildness fill our home and hearts. You are teaching us that life is something to behold and take charge of, fearlessly.


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