gratitude // no.16

gratitude | workhouseblogThe earth on our hands and the sun in our hearts filled us this weekend, so did friends and family. We tilled the ground in the very back of our yard in preparation for our raised beds that we are hoping to build this week. I am so excited to be able to grow food again especially with both the girls by my side, we are mapping things out and talking of seeds and starts. Lucy has requested we grow lavender too. We are definitely enjoying this little staycation with dad, some much needed and desired time with him. Things will be a little quiet here this week but you can surely follow a bit of our adventure on Instagram, if you’d like.

a few other to make the gratitude list:
-watching lucy dive off a diving board for the first time
-having everyone home when the baby took her first steps
-the look on lucy’s face and the hug she gave Anaïs when she took her first steps
-hanging out with my brother over donuts (one of our dad’s favorite traditions)
-spending time with good friends
-spring cleaning
-having our bff family over for dinner
-open heart talks
-cousins who scream and laugh together and run wild in the grass
-authentic conversations

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