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What goes over well here for dinner is the make your own (fill in the blank), be it burritos, fresh spring rolls or brown rice bowls. Giving our children the independence to pick and choose their own creation has created an adventurous eating in our eldest, I can see that the little one is not far behind. For our meals I am really big on keeping whatever I can raw when it comes to our vegetables, we are also a condiment family so anything with a sauce is always a hit, this recipe has both! There is not a lot of prep which helps with the witching hour and the leftovers become the components to an Asian style salad for my lunch the next day.   This peanut sauce is our usual go to for this meal and its good on any and everything including fresh spring rolls but we needed a change. This yummy ginger dressing was passed onto me by a friend and gave our dinner the revamp it needed. I made a simple slaw and dressed it with a bit of sesame oil, a dash of rice vinegar and a touch of maple syrup, seasoned with a little pepper- all to taste. Everything else is just whatever you have on hand.

Make enough brown rice to allow at least 1/2-1 cup of rice per family member

1/4C honey
1/4C soy sauce or tamari
2 Tbs rice vinegar
A large chunk of ginger, peeled & grated (a 2″ piece or to taste)
1 large clove of garlic
1/3 cup olive oil or vegetable oil (I use olive oil)

Mix all ingredients, except olive oil, then whisk olive oil in at the end or shake in a sealed mason jar.

Shred 1/2 cabbage and 2 carrots, I simply do this with a knife. Dress lightly with sesame oil, rice vinegar and maple syrup; toss to coat.

ALL THE OTHER STUFF (everything in this category is optional or whatever you have on hand…or need to rid your fridge of)
seasoned nori
red bell pepper slices
sesame seeds
kim chi
a runny yolk egg
sesame oil

Place a 1/2-1 cup of rice in a bowl, topped generously with slaw, drizzle on dressing and top with assorted toppings. We usually ask that there is a  bit of every color in our daughter’s bowl but it doesn’t always happen that way.


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