gratitude // no. 17

workhouseblogLittle hands helping make sure that our newly transferred plants are kept company. Entering the week with a full heart bursting with love for our family and yet a bit sadden that the mister has to return to work after having him home for almost 2 weeks. When I was younger I used to dream of living in a big architectural home with lots of room and space but I know now that we, as a family, wouldn’t utilize most of it. We are always together and if we’re not in the same room we are always asking where someone else is. Our place now is by no means large or a place where you could lose someone but the absence of one is noticed by all and we just enjoy each other’s company- maybe even too much for some. The baby has now caught on and repeats, “Dad!” until he returns to whatever room she is in or sometimes even if he’s in the room and a bit too far away for her liking. The mister is quiet fond of it.

We had a wonderful time on this little staycation being mindful of not packing our days too full and allowing for moments of deep exhalation. We traveled to Bainbridge to visit good friends of ours at their farmhouse. We played outside. We cooked meals that were time consuming but worth it. We spring cleaned. We stayed in our pjs all day. We watched movies, cuddled and just connected with each other like you do when there is no schedule or agenda. And I went out one night with friends and didn’t get home till 1:30(!), reliving the days before bedtime rituals and night waking.

A little list of thanks:
watching a tv show with 200 other people (so fun, really)
spending time with my BFF
watching Lucy run free in the wild
Anaïs is warming up to friends in shorter amounts of time
teaching Lucy to make lumpia
lazy lazy days
butterscotch floats!
realizing I am half a cuff away from finishing my first sweater which, embarrassingly, has been on my needles for over a year and a half


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